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March 2013

Mark Your Cornhole Calendars

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Mark your cornhole calendars. The ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII will be held July 16th-20th in Cincinnati, Ohio. This marks the ACO’s return to the city where cornhole was created.

Much has changed since the inaugural World Championship event at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in December 2006. It started with the King of Cornhole as the featured main event at the ACO Worlds Championships. Shortly after, the World Rankings were developed and the CornyForty was born. The World Doubles Championship and Queen of Cornhole were introduced at the Worlds, in addition to the King of Sling and the Social Doubles Championship. And now we have the Ranked Players Invitational (RPI). Tournaments throughout the season include Majors, Regionals, Invitationals and Opens. And now, the ACO World Championships of Cornhole are moving to July.

Tentative Schedule

Pre-Event Party

RPI Singles
RPI Doubles

Open Singles
Open Doubles

King of Sling
World Doubles Championship
Social Doubles Championship
Queen of Cornhole

King of Cornhole
Queen of Cornhole
Social Doubles Championship
World Corporate Cup
Championships Finals (King of Cornhole, Queen of Cornhole and World Doubles Championship)

The above schedule is tentative. The formats for these tournaments will be revealed in a future press release.

Could Rajon Rondo Win The Crown?

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NBA Boston Celtic's Rajon Rondo pitches cornhole at 2am. (courtesy from @RajonRondon twitter account)

NBA Boston Celtic’s Rajon Rondo pitches cornhole at 2am. (courtesy from @RajonRondon twitter account)

More and more athletes are professing their love for their second sport: cornhole. Recently, Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated how he loves playing.

Rondo spends most of his free time playing cornhole…. He owns two wooden boards, emblazoned with Kentucky and Louisville logos, which he spaces 27 feet apart in his front yard, according to the official rules. He installed a fire pit so he can play through the winter with his neighbor, a thirtysomething Boston businessman who has become equally consumed with tossing beanbags into circular holes. Rondo is thinking of entering national cornhole tournaments. “I’m ranked Number 1,” he says. He is kidding, but you have to ask to make sure. He does nothing for amusement.

Read the entire article here.