What’s going on at the ACO World Championships of Cornhole XII?

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ACO World Championships of Cornhole XII Owensboro Convention Center Owensboro, KY July 25th – 29th, 2017

Over $30,000 in Cash and Prizes!

Featured Events:

ACO Big Blind Draw – 7/25/17

o $1,000 purse
o FREE to all Golden Ticket holders
o $20 per player entry for all others
o Register online beginning 6/5/2017
· ACO Corporate Slyder Cup – 7/24/17
o Prizes
o Open registration for all Corporate teams
o Call 888-563-2002 for Corporate registration

World Slyder Cup – 7/26/17

o $1,500 purse + prizes
o Open to all teams
o Maximum of 2 ACO-PRO players per team
o $100 per 5 player team
o Register online beginning 6/5/2017

Certified Official Shootout – 7/26/17

o $1,000 purse + prizes
o FREE to all ACO Certified Officials
o Must be an ACO Certified Official to participate
o Closed registration for Certified Officials beginning 6/5/17

RPI Qualifiers World Singles & Doubles – 7/27/17

o Golden Ticket holders
o Must be a qualified a ACO Member to participate

Juniors Championships – 7/28/17

o Prizes
o Open registration for all Juniors players
o FREE entry for players ranked 1-8 on the Juniors rankings
o $10 per player
o Must be an ACO Member to participate
o Register online beginning 6/5/2017

Womens Championships – 7/28/17

o $2,000 purse + prizes
o Open registration for all Womens players
o FREE entry for players ranked 1-12 on the Womens rankings
o $20 per entry
o Must be an ACO Member to participate
o Register online beginning 6/5/2017

Seniors Championships – 7/28/17

o $2,000 purse + prizes
o Open registration for all Seniors players
o FREE entry for players ranked 1-12 on the Seniors rankings
o $20 per entry
o Must be an ACO Member to participate
o Register online beginning 6/5/2017

Doubles Championships – 7/28/17

o $10,000 purse + prizes
o Golden Ticket is required for participation
o See Golden Ticket details below

Singles Championships – 7/29/17


o $10,000 purse + prizes
o Golden Ticket is required for participation
o See Golden Ticket details below
Golden Ticket Details:

What is a Golden Ticket?



o A Golden Ticket includes:
§ 1 entry into the ACO World Singles Championship
· RPI, Tiers, and/or World Singles Bracket
§ ½ entry into the ACO World Doubles Championship
· RPI, Tiers, and/or World Doubles Bracket
§ 1 entry into the $1,000 Big Blind Draw
§ 1 ACO World T-Shirt
§ 1 ticket for Door Prize drawings
· Who is eligible for a Golden Ticket?
o In order to obtain a Golden Ticket a player must participate in a minimum of 4 ACO points earning events. Each event must carry different event title
§ Pick 4 of the following events:
· ACO Cornhole Classic (Regional)
· ACO HoleOween Classic (Regional)
· ACO Turkeyhole Classic (Regional)
· ACO HoleIday Classic (Regional)
· ACO MaizeKraze (Regional)
· ACO Icehole Classic (Regional)
· ACO Cornhole Madness (Regional)
· ACO SpringFling (Regional)
· ACO Cornhole De Mayo (Regional)
· ACO Charleston Major
· ACO Anaheim Major
· ACO Lakeland Major
· ACO Monroeville Major
· ACO Champaign Major
· ACO Knoxville Major
· ACO Las Vegas Major
· ACO Owensboro Major
· ACO Kenansville Major
· ACO Peachtree City Major
· ACO Kalamazoo Major
· ACO Virginia Beach Major
· ACO Northern California Major
· ACO Foley Major
· How to get a Golden Ticket:
o All players who finish ACO Season XII ranked 1-40 on the ACO World Singles Rankings will win a FREE Golden Ticket
o All players who are a member of a team who finish ACO Season XII ranked 1-20 on the ACO World Doubles Rankings will win a FREE Golden Ticket
o All players who finish ACO Season XII ranked 41-80 in the ACO World Singles Rankings will be eligible to purchase their ticket for $50 online beginning 6/5/17
o All players who finish ACO Season XII ranked 81 and over in the ACO World Singles Rankings will be eligible to purchase their ticket for $100 online beginning 6/5/17
o There will be 600 Golden Tickets available for purchase
o Beginning on 6/5/17, players ranked 41-640 on the World Singles Rankings will have first opportunity to purchase their Golden Tickets.
o Beginning on 6/12/17, registration will open for players ranked 641 and over on the World Singles Rankings, on a first come first serve basis.
Basic Schedule of Events (Complete format to come)

Tuesday July 25th, 2017

· Welcome to the ACO World Championships XII!
· $1,000 Big Blind Draw
· Corporate Slyder Cup
· Blind Draws / Open Courts
· Other activities and times to be announced

Wednesday July 26th, 2017

· ACO World Slyder Cup Championships
· ACO Certified Official Shootout
· Other activities and times to be announced

Thursday July 27th, 2017

· Ranked Players Invitational (RPI) – Singles
· Ranked Players Invitational (RPI) – Doubles
· Tier Group Play

Friday July 28th, 2017

· Tier Group Play (Continued)
· ACO Doubles Tiers Championships
· ACO World Doubles Championships
· ACO World Juniors Championships
· ACO World Womens Championships
· ACO World Seniors Championships

Saturday July 29th, 2017

· ACO Singles Tiers Championships
· ACO World Singles Championships
o Saturday evening top 4 Finals


ACO Season XI – First half recap

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Listen to the TACO episode about the Mid Season Recap here:


Time flies when you’re having fun! Well, we have reached the halfway point of ACO Season XI and it has not been disappointing. Seven ACO Majors and hundreds of ACO Regionals are in the books and players are beginning to position themselves in the rankings as we head towards Knoxville.

This season, we’ve seen a great increase in participation in Majors and Regionals as we continually add more Certified Officials and Regions. Only two seasons ago, our biggest
Major of the Season had 140 players. This season, we’ll easily average more than 140, and we will have several Majors with close to 300 players. As we continue to establish relationships with cities and venues that allow us to come back year after year, the tourneys will only get bigger and better. We may see some growing pains at some locations, but as we add more Certified Officials in those areas, participation and competition will rise.

Some of our most competitive Majors of the season are scheduled for the second half of the season and all of them will be big. We have very strong participation in the states of mattGUYNC, GA, VA, and OH and the good times will roll! We have awesome venues lined up for the remainder of the Majors and it will be interesting to see how the home states represent. We know that state pride will be strong at the NC Major. With more members than any other state, NC will want to sweep some top spots!

Another reason for state pride—We hear rumors of a Slyder style tourney being added to the Worlds in which all members of the team must be from the same state. Sounds interesting. Maybe we can put some smack talk to rest…

According to our ACO World Singles Rankings, below is the current top Ranked players from each State. Great shootin’ everyone!
Alabama – Rick Sutton
California – Ken Jones
Connecticut – Mike Student
District of Columbia – Jamie Lang
Deleware – Brian Wyre
Florida – Anthony Reul
Georgia – Drew Brown
Worlds-XI-LogoIllinois – Kyle Anderson
Indiana – Louis Duvall
Kentucky – Matt Guy
Massachusetts – Larry Pigeon
Maryland – Timothy Pitcher
Michigan – Mike Jacques
Missouri – Jerry Wolford
Mississippi – Shawn Anderson
North Carolina – Jamie Graham
New Hampshire – Nick Cadieux
New Jersey – Brian Kuhn
Nevada – Damon Cochran
New York – Eric Augustyn
Ohio – James Frantz
Oregon – Doug Rippy
Pennsylvania – Chipper Polkowski
Rhode Island – John Moran
South Carolina – Trevor Brooks
Tennessee – Chris Odell
Virginia – Allan Rockwell
Wisconsin – John Whyte
West Virginia – Ted Dillon

Our bubble of Certified Official continues to widen and it is always very exciting to see different parts of the country begin to grab traction. Through the great efforts of our Certified Officials and Directors we’ve seen great strides in areas like New England, Florida, Michigan, and California this season. They’re building armies of players in these locations and they’re sick of hearing about how much better mid-Atlantic/mid-West players are! Keep an eye on California—Under the directorship of Ron Stokes and Ken Jones, they are adding several great Certified Officials and they are determined to catch their players up quickly. Will we see a West Coast player in the top ten at the Worlds this year? We’ll see.

New faces are popping up everywhere, and while our time tested ACO veterans still hold the reigns, many new players are practicing and biding their time. At our halfway point, we see a common theme in our Singles Rankings as our six-time ACO World Singles ChammodlinPAPCKEp, Matt Guy, holds the top spot. Matt has already maxed out on Major points, earning first place at the WV and PA Majors, but don’t expect him to take a break. He loves the competition and if he’s got the chance to stop someone else from winning, you can bet he’ll try! The only other player to already have two Majors titles this season is Frank Modlin from North Carolina. Frank will surely be one of the players who challenges Matt’s top spot as the season goes on.

In Doubles, Matt also holds the top spot with his World Champion son, Bret. They have one Major title under their belts this season and will be looking to add another soon. But there are too many great teams to count out and this race will definitely go the distance. Teams from seven different states are represented in the top ten of the World Doubles Rankings and several great points opportunities are coming in the second half of the season.

Long-time ACO player and Certified Official Rocky Rockwell became eligible for tROCKYhe ACO Seniors division this season, and boy has he lit it up so far! In Seniors competition, Rocky is undefeated in all that he has participated. He earned first place in the WV and FL Majors, as well as in the first four Regionals of the season. Rocky is on a roll, but we have a feeling that there may be some that won’t bow down so quickly—Listen closely, the Cisco family is practicing somewhere in the woods of WV right this moment.

The Women of Cleveland Cornhole, Stacia Pugh and Christine Papcke, who have dominated the Women’s division for the past few years, have picked right up where they left off last season—At the top. It’s no surprise that the defending ACO Doubles Team of the Season is also first and second in the Women’s Rankings, but like all other divisions, hungry new players are on the rise. But until someone takes these two down in head to head battle, they own the division—We may have to rename it.

The Juniors division continues to grow in participation, and even though it’s the smallest of our five divisions, the competition is absolutely brutal. There are at least five Juniors who are capable of top ten runs in World Singles at the World Championships. Congrats to Jamie Graham who became our first Junior player to win the World Singles division at our most recent Major in AL. The players are young, but they throw it flat and straight, and that’s what they’ll have to do if anyone wants to take Kenzie Beach from the top of the Juniors Rankings.

jamieGRAHAM  The ACO would like to thank of the players, Directors, and Certified Officials for making the first half of ACO Season XI a great success. With your support, we know that the second half is going to be awesome! The next four Majors and the World Championships promise to be some of the biggest, most competitive, and most fun tourneys in our history. We will continue to improve the ACO experience for all of our players(we have a great new tool to be announced soon!) and we hope that you all are along for the ride. It’s going to be a great trip to Knoxville!

Florida to Crown State Singles & Doubles Champions of Cornhole

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ACO State-FL

ACO Florida State Championships of Cornhole to be hosted by Sarasota, Florida

Cornhole players from around Florida will compete for state cornhole championships title


Sarasota, FL – The American Cornhole Organization (ACO) will host its inaugural ACO Florida State Championships of Cornhole June 20 & 21, 2014 at the Venice Community Center, 326 S. Nokomis Ave. in Sarasota, FL.

The ACO State Championships of Cornhole is a new program launched in Season IX by the American Cornhole Organization. It will feature a Friday night filled with game challenges, Luck of the Draw tournaments, food, music and fun. Saturday will feature more of the same, but will also include the Florida Singles and Doubles Title tournaments. The Title tournaments are FREE of charge and open to all residents of Florida who are active ACO Members. Participation is limited to the first 160 singles players and 160 doubles teams to register online at ACO Memberships are $20 per Season and are available through a local ACO Certified Official in your market or online at .  The Luck of the Draw tournaments and game challenges are pay as you go activities that are open to the public both Friday and Saturday, spectators are FREE and welcome to the event.

ACO officials expect as many as 200 people in attendance for the first-ever ACO Florida State Championships of Cornhole held in Sarasota, FL. 

“We’re extremely excited to have launched our State Championships Program and believe that Sarasota, Florida is going to be a great host city for the event in 2014 and for years to come,” says Frank Geers, President of American Cornhole, LLC. The winning player and team will be awarded a custom ACO Florida State Championship jersey and each player will win a $250.00 Golden Ticket entry to compete in ACO World Championships of Cornhole IX, being played out in Charleston, WV, July 15-19, 2014.

It is the goal of American Cornhole to have an ACO State Championships of Cornhole in every state by Season X, June 2015. There currently are seventeen states committed to the program which include AL, FL, IL, IN, GA, KY, MA, MO, NC, NM, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, VA and WV with another several states close to signing on for Season IX, which is played out in June 2014.

“In addition to being crowned Florida State Champions, the Titles will also carry a lot of weight heading into the ACO World Championships of Cornhole,” says Eric Hinerman, Director of Certified Officials for the ACO. The ACO World Championships of Cornhole is the premier Cornhole Event every year and all State Singles and Doubles Champions will bypass the Qualifying rounds at the Worlds and be placed directly into the King of Cornhole and/or World Doubles final brackets. “These State Champions will have the opportunity to come to the ACO World Championships of Cornhole, and in some cases, be the very first players from their States to represent in the King of Cornhole and World Doubles final brackets. It gives you a shot at the biggest Titles in the Cornhole World!” claimed Eric Hinerman.

There are local, regional and national opportunities to become a sponsor with the ACO. For sponsorship opportunities, contact the ACO at 888-563-2002.


About the American Cornhole Organization

The American Cornhole, LLC was established in 2005 and headquartered in Milford, Ohio. American Cornhole Organization (ACO) is the governing body for the sport of cornhole, offering official cornhole rules, certified products, tournament listings, comprehensive information about cornhole events, and an ACO Certified Official Program that brings awareness of the sport to localized markets. 


About Sarasota, FL

Located on Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, Sarasota County offers a vibrant arts and cultural scene, a diverse array of culinary experiences and a variety of opportunities to take advantage of the clear waters and the great outdoors. Sarasota County provides the quintessential, laid-back beach getaway with numerous sprawling, white-sand beaches, including Siesta Key Beach, named “America’s Best Beach” in 2011 by Stephen Leatherman, aka, Dr. Beach. Dubbed “Home of the American Circus,” Sarasota County served as the headquarters for the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus for 75 years, and visitors can experience its unique circus heritage first-hand by following the circus trail or catching a performance by one of two local circus companies. For more information on visiting Sarasota County, visit or call (800) 522-9799.