The White Castle Crave Case Tournament


White Castle and the American Cornhole Organization are hosting 4 qualifying tournaments, beginning on January 4 2014, leading to the Crave Case Cornhole Championship

Please review the complete Rules and Regulations.


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Qualifier #1

January 4 – 1PM – 3PM

White Castle
8111 Highland Pointe Drive, West Chester, OH

Qualifier #2

January 11 – 1PM – 3PM

White Castle
11575 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH

Qualifier #3

January 18 – 1PM – 3PM

White Castle
3410 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH

Qualifier #4

January 25 – 1PM – 3PM

White Castle
8101 U.S. 42, Florence, KY


February 1 – 1PM – 3PM

White Castle
8111 Highland Pointe Drive, West Chester, OH


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[wptabtitle]Crave Case Qualifier #1[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Team FinishTeam NamePlayer OnePlayer TwoQualified
1st PlaceMen In BagsJoe TroutmanBryan GoodwinQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
2nd PlaceFamily GuysMatt GuyBret GuyQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
3rd PlaceTeam CastleRandy AthaMike SchafferQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
4th PlaceWildcatsAllen WinghamBob VonchQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
Tied for 5th PlaceLJ Throwers Lee Dissell Jessie HempyMissed cut
Tied for 5th PlaceCincy Sliders Steve Mullis Joe LangMissed cut
Tied for 7th Place Crave a Ride Barry Hempy Travis JessMissed cut
Tied for 7th Place B-Bags Sharla Vonch Maverick - B105Missed cut
Tied for 9th Place Castle Crashers Susan Wingham Donna VonchMissed cut
Tied for 9th PlaceBlue Ash BombersGary CoffmanGreg SchoenbergerMissed cut
Tied for 9th Place Dink-n-DunkChris BraunScott ButteryMissed cut
Tied for 9th PlaceWanna-B'sTracey SchoenbergerKayla SchoenbergerMissed cut
[wptabtitle]Crave Case Qualifier #2[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]
Team FinishTeam NamePlayer OnePlayer TwoQualified
1st PlaceProject BoyzQuinn PetersonDeon GibsonQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
2nd PlaceR&L Throwers Lee Dissel Rylie - 96 RockQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
3rd PlaceKY George Pleasant Arnold WalkerQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
4th PlaceThe Hole Shooters Greg Eldridge Lora EldridgeQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
Tied for 5th PlaceTeam Extreme Steve McCombs Kenny PrutherMissed Cut
Tied for 5th Place96 RockGreg SchoenbergerMichael WalterMissed Cut
Tied for 7th PlaceWanna B'sTracey SchoenbergerKylaMissed Cut
Tied for 7th PlaceHoley RollersKevin BerlonDave RicherMissed Cut
[/wptabcontent][wptabtitle]Crave Case Qualifier #3[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]
Team FinishTeam NamePlayer OnePlayer TwoQualified
1st PlaceCoJackCody HendersonJack StaggeQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
2nd PlaceOld CodgersRichard StoneDallas ParsleyQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
3rd PlaceBig SlidersWill HeltonRandy HeltonQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
4th PlaceWanna B'sGreg SchoenbergerTracey SchoenbergerQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
Tied for 5th PlaceNeed Some LuckBruce ForseeTeresa ForseeMissed Cut
Tied for 5th Place 92.5 FoxCarlCaseyMissed Cut
Tied for 7th PlaceTB & JellyJackie DickinsonTodd BurlinghamMissed Cut
Tied for 7th PlaceTeam AmericaAnthony CiarloRebecca EadsMissed Cut
Tied for 9th PlaceTeam ExtremeSteve McCombsKenny TMissed Cut
Tied for 9th PlaceM&DKaren SchafferTracie SchafferMissed Cut
[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Crave Case Qualifier #4[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]
Team #Team NamePlayer OnePlayer TwoQualified
1st PlaceCornholioBrad Carr Mike WilsonQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
2nd PlaceGriswaldsJulie GabbardGregg GabbardQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
3rd PlaceFamily TraditionLinda NiehausDan NiehausQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
4th PlaceDumb & DumberTyler CoxSteve EgbersQualified for 2/1/2014 Championships
Tied for 5th PlaceNeed Some LuckBruce ForseeTeresa ForseeMissed cut
6Open SlotN/AN/A
7Open SlotN/AN/A
8Open SlotN/AN/A
9Open SlotN/AN/A
10Open SlotN/AN/A
11Open SlotN/AN/A
12Open SlotN/AN/A
13Open SlotN/AN/A
14Open SlotN/AN/A
15Open SlotN/AN/A
16Open SlotN/AN/A
[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]Crave Case Qualifier Championships[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]
Team NumberTeam NamePlayer OnePlayer TwoCRAVE CASE CHAMPIONSHIPS
1st PlaceCoJackCody HendersonJack Stagge All Expense Worlds IX Package
2nd PlaceProject BoyzQuinn PetersonDeon GibsonWhite Castle Gift Cards
3rd PlaceWildcatsAllan WinghamBob VonchWhite Castle Gift Cards
4th PlaceTeam CastleRandy AthaMike Schaffer, Sr.White Castle Gift Cards
Tied for 5th PlaceBig SliddersWill HeltonRandy HeltonNo prize
Tied for 5th PlaceKYGeorge PleasantArnold WalkerNo prize
Tied for 7th PlaceCornholioBrad CarrMike WilsonNo prize
Tied for 7th PlaceFamily GuysBret GuyMatt GuyNo prize
Tied for 9th PlaceDumb & DumberTyler CoxSteve EgbersNo prize
Tied for 9th PlaceWanna B'sGreg SchoenbergerTracey SchoenbergerNo prize
Tied for 9th PlaceGriswaldsJulie GabbardGreg GabbardNo prize
Tied for 9th PlaceMen in BagsJoe TroutmanBryan GoodwinNo prize
Tied for 13th PlaceOld CodgersRichard StoneDallas ParsleyNo prize
Tied for 13th PlaceHole ShootersGreg EldridgeLora EldridgeNo prize
Tied for 13th PlaceFamily TraditionsLinda NiehausDan NiehausNo prize
Tied for 13th PlaceR&L ThrowersLee DisselRylie SockNo prize
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