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April 2010

Brew City Bags Bash Results

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Pro Singles
Winner: Matt Guy
Runner Up: Steve Vanderver

Semi Finals
Matt Guy d. Sean Short
Steve Vanderver d. Randy Atha

Matt Guy d. David Shoemaker
Sean Short d. Dale Smith
Steve Vanderver d. Charles True
Randy Atha d. Kevin Pinkerton

Round 3 (SweetCorn 16)
Matt Guy d. Dyana Tolliver
David Shoemaker d. Jack Stagge
Sean Short d. Mike Schaffer, Sr.
Dale Smith d. David Sutton
Randy Atha d. Kyle Treadway
Kevin Pinkerton d. Bret Guy
Charles True d. Kevin Warner
Steve Vanderver d. Sheri Eggleton

Round 2
Matt Guy d. Jim Noel
Dyana Tolliver d. Eric Hinerman
David Shoemaker d. Noel True
Jack Stagge d. Jason Robinson
Sean Short d. Dustin Adkinson
Mike Schaffer, Sr. d. Tom Gustofson
Dale Smith d. Eric Whelchel
David Sutton d. Anthony Hodgkinson
Randy Atha d. Ken Hulbert
Kyle Treadway d. Chris Hobbs
Kevin Pinkerton d. Geno Randazzo
Bret Guy d. Brent Ellis
Charles True d. Mike Schaffer, Jr.
Kevin Warner d. Steve Claycomb
Steve Vanderver d. Gary Coffman
Sheri Eggleton d. Mark Lambert

Round 1
Jim Noel d. Scott Namovicz
Eric Whelchel d. Randy Boucher
Gary Coffman d. Frederick Hoffe
Ken Hulbert d. Ken Iwanicki

Competitive Doubles Results

1 Steve Vanderver/Dale Smith
2 Matt Guy/Bret Guy
3 Randy Atha/Mike Schaffer Sr.
4 Kevin Pinkerton/David Shoemaker
5 Kyle Treadway/Steve Claycomb
5 Charles True/Noel True
7 Kevin Warner/Sheri Eggleton
7 Dave Sutton/Tom Gustafson
9 Chris Hobbs/Gino Randazzo
9 Mark Lambert/Dyana Tolliver
9 Jack Stagge/Anthony Hodgkinson
9 Eric Hinerman/Sean Short
13 Zach Klug/Rob Suhr
13 William Glassi/Chris Bartholomew
13 David Sikinger/Alan Gardebrecht
13 Tim Taylor/Joe Balistieri
17 Jim Weiland/Dave Demge
17 Craig Lindow/Matt Stuyenburg
17 Jamie Nebel/Steven Nebel
17 Bryan Edmundson/Dustin Zahn
17 Nick Scharber/Chris Abounader
17 Greg Raddemann/Brett Strand
17 Scott Nichols/Dave Mancl

Weekend Recap – A Spotlight for The Glove

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April 9th-April 11th

Spotlights, Spotlights everywhere! It was a weekend of fours, as the ACO had another action packed weekend with four Pro Spotlight tournaments, held in four different states, with four different winners.

Huntington, WV – Steve Vanderver came out of the consolation bracket last week to double-dip Matt Guy in the Finals and take the tournament. This weekend, the reigning King of Cornhole returned the favor. Vanderver sent Guy into the consolation bracket early. But Guy showed why he’s the reiging King, clawed back into the Finals and took down Vanderver for the tournament win. The craziness will continue in Milwaukee at the Brew City Bags Bash with the big money on the line. Place your bets and get to Milwaukee to see it for yourself!

Felicity, OH- Kevin “The Glove” Pinkerton showed why he is one of the top cornhole players in the World. He dominated a tough field and defeated Eric Hinerman in the finals. It was The Glove’s first Spotlight victory of the year. Keep an eye on The Glove. He has the shots and will pepper you with relentless sliders and airmails at will.

Virginia Beach, VA- “Journeyman” Steve Perry didn’t have to travel far to pick up his second Pro Spotlight victory of the year with a win over Roy Pulley in the finals. Will he defend his home turf when the Maize Kraze hits Virginia Beach in July? We shall see.

Greenville, SC- Shane Andrews clinched his second Spotlight victory of the year by beating Chris Hursey in the finals. Watch for the Carolina players to put on a solid show at Cornhole de Mayo in Spartanburg, SC in two weeks. Good win Shane!

Here’s how all the events sized up:

Pro Spotlight Singles – Huntington, WV – 4/9/10
1st – Matt Guy
2nd – Steve Vanderver
T4 – Darin Hill, Randy Atha
T8 – Dale Smith, Bret Guy, Sean Short, Anthony Hodgkinson
T16 – Mike Schaffer Sr., Dyana Tolliver, Mark Lambert, Jack Stagge, Steve Hayes, Tom Bobo, Kevin Pinkerton, Andrew Brooks
T32 – Dan Reed, Tom McMurray, Ray Finley, Charlie Fletcher, Heath Colburn, Travis Jordan, Rick Taylor, Lamar Lyons

Pro Spotlight Singles – Felicity, OH – 4/10/10
1st – Kevin Pinkerton
2nd – Eric Hinerman
T4 – Sean Short, Kyle Treadway
T8 – Dave Shoemaker, Charles True, Steve Hayes, Sheri Eggleton
T16 – Rick Suttle, Chris Hobbs, Shawn Howser, Mike Schaffer Jr, Kevin Warner, Noel True, Bobby Weihe, Mike Oehler
T32 – Dick Stone

Pro Spotlight Singles – Virginia Beach, VA – 4/10/10
1st – Steve Perry
2nd – Roy Pulley
T4 – Greg Vajda, Ryan McClung
T8 – Mike Loudin, Tony Longoria, Allen Drewry, Jerry Morgan
T16 – Eric Rice, Keith Lowrance, Mark Cahalan

Pro Spotlight Singles – Greenville, SC – 4/10/10
1st – Shane Andrews
2nd – Chris Hursey
T4 – Danny Blanks, Jason Schwab
T8 – Dan Reed, Kipper Melmige, Josh Bailey, Junior Breakfield
T16 – Steve Bailey

Weekend Recap – Ironman defeats King

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Fans were treated to an early screening of Ironman 2 last weekend. We’re not talking about the Marvel comics flick. We’re talking about Steve Vanderver winning two Pro Spotlights.

It was another great weekend for the ACO as most of the country’s best players convened in Indianapolis, IN on Friday night and Columbus, OH on Saturday for Pro Spotlight events. The competition was extremely intense with many of the top CornyForty ranked players battling over the boards.

Vanderver is number two on the CornyForty Rankings.

Steve Vanderver took off some of the shine on Matt Guy’s crown in his victory over the reigning King of Cornhole in the Pro Spotlight finals in Columbus, Ohio. Vanderver then followed his sweet victory with another Pro Spotlight victory beating Dale Smth in the finals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Vanderver win makes the Brew City Bags Bash that much more exciting later this month.

Here’s how the Spotlights rounded out:

Pro Spotlight Singles – The Sportszone – Indianapolis, IN
1st Place – Steve Vanderver
2nd Place- Matt Guy
Top 4 – Randy Atha, Tom Gustfuson
Top 8 – Dale Smith, Kevin Pinkerton, Dave Shoemaker, Chris Hobbs
Top 16 – Sean Short, Bret Guy, Charles True, Mike Schaffer Sr., Sheri Eggleton,
Charlie Fletcher, Brent Ellis, Steve Claycomb
Top 32 – Steve Hayes, Mike Oehler, Mike Schaffer Jr., Jason Robinson, Noel True,
Kyle Treadway, Kevin Warner, Jack Stagge, Todd Bower, Blake Griffin

Pro Spotlight Singles – Cornhole for Camp – Columbus, OH
1st Place – Steve Vanderver
2nd Place – Dale Smith
Top 4 – Randy Atha, Anthony Hodgkinson
Top 8 – Dave Shoemaker, Kevin Pinkerton, Jack Stagge, Tom Bobo
Top 16 – Kevin Warner, Mike Schaffer Sr, Charles True, Kyle Treadway, Noel True,
Heath Colburn, Joe Reed, Jeff O’Heron
Top 32 – Bobby Wiehe, Mark Lambert, Rick Suttle, Sherri Eggleton, Phil West,
Steve Claycomb, Tom McMurry, Russ Funk, Chad Mayberry