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June 2010


By | ACO News (from the ACO)

The ACO heard the complaints from the cornhole community. More importantly, they listened and reacted. Gone are the high entry fees and purchased Pro memberships. You wanted a King of Cornhole in the midwest? Consider it done.

The ACO has been Reloaded.

After weeks in development, the ACO Reload is an effort to grow participation and popularity of the great game of cornhole. It opens the door for the average player, yet also provides the competitiveness for the professional.

What changes are in the Reload? Everything.

Here’s a basic summary of changes:

* All CF members get free entry in Tailgate Bash and KOC for 2010
* New Point season starts after MaizeKraze
* Pro tournament entry fees are $40 (all members) /$60 (non-members)
* Masters Series will run in multiple cities, which means less travel for players
* Lower entry cost to becoming an ACO Pro
* Become ACO Pro by attaining 156+ points on circuit (Includes SCR and Points)
* There will be 313 KOC Spots available
* There are three ways for a player to get in KOC:
1. Get in the CornyForty
2. Win a Golden Ticket
3. Purchase ticket if openings available
* SCRs are only $10 and are one Frame Game

Now, let’s sink our teeth into the Reload.

There are three ways to enter the King of Cornhole. Secure your spot by getting in the CornyForty, winning a Golden Ticket at a KOC Qualifer or purchase your ticket.

Entry fees reduced. They are $40 for members and $60 for non-members at all Masters Series and Signature Series events. Non-member entry includes an ACO membership. Entry fees for KOC Qualifiers will vary.

ACO membership remains $20 per year. Members receive discounts at, membership card, player profile, eligible to earn monies at tournaments, listed in both the Social/Recreational Rankings and World Rankings and participate in the SocialSixty for prizes.

Pro memberships must be earned. No more “buying pro status”. A player earns a Pro membership once they accumulate 156 World Rankings Points. Once a player is Pro they will be eligible to acquire a Pro jersey, earn invitations to exclusive Pro events, receive a 10% discount at and have an opportunity to be in the CornyForty.

CornyForty isn’t the world rankings. To be in the CornyForty means you are one of the top forty players in the World Rankings. Get in the CornyForty and you win free entry into the the King of Cornhole.

World Rankings. Players earn World Ranking Points to increase their rank amongst the best cornhole players in the world. These are used to determine your seeding at tournaments.

Tournaments. All players can earn World Ranking Points at Masters Series and Signature Series events.

Regional Masters Series return. Masters Series tournaments are no longer “national” tournaments. They are regional tournaments available across the country. This will allow more players to participate in tournaments to earn points towards their World Ranking. The Masters Series is: Icehole Classic, Cornhole de Mayo, Maize Kraze, Cornhole Classic, Hole-o-ween and TurkeyHole Classic.

Signature Series are “national” tournaments. There will only be a handful of Signatures where World Ranking Points will be awarded. Signatures could appear throughout the year, but not all Signatures will be points earning tournaments. ACO reserves the right to name a Signature event a points earning tournament with 60 days notice.

KOC Qualifiers. These are satellite tournaments into the KOC. ACO membership isn’t required to enter. Open to all players not in CornyForty. Winner receives Golden Ticket and ACO membership. Once a player wins a Golden Ticket at a KOC Qualifier they cannot participate in another KOC Qualifier.

SCR has changed. SCR now stands for Skills Challenge Rating. The SCR consists of one Frame Game.

KOC won’t be in Vegas. The allure of Las Vegas is great, but the King of Cornhole is coming home.