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February 2011

ACO and Trybe Targeting announce strategic partnership

By | ACO News (from the ACO)

Trybe Targeting, the enthusiast marketing division of MMA Creative, has forged a strategic partnership with the sanctioning body of cornhole.

The American Cornhole Organization sanctions over 100 cornhole tournaments each year and boasts a membership of more than 4,000 participants. ACO is based in Milford, Ohio, and was founded in 2005.

Each year, more than three million Americans play cornhole. Some play for fun, but a select group plays professionally. Currently, there are more than 800 competitive cornhole players touring the country and playing the sport on a professional level.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Trybe,” said Frank Geers, president of American Cornhole, LLC. “They are the industry experts when it comes to marketing to and for enthusiast groups.”

In 2007, MMA became the agency of record for the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Since that time MMA has more than doubled the non-profit society’s membership. In 2008, MMA and Trybe launched the Great American BBQ Tour, a 20-city, cross-country tour featuring tips and demonstrations from professionals as well as food sampling.

In 2009, Trybe partnered with the International Chili Society, furthering its knowledge of food and enthusiast marketing.

“Over the last four years, we’ve gained invaluable knowledge on enthusiast based marketing,” said Mike McCloud, president and CEO of Trybe and MMA. “We are looking forward to bringing this knowledge to cornhole and expanding the sport.”

Trybe and ACO will focus this strategic partnership on growing the game and sport of cornhole by increasing both membership and participation. Trybe will also integrate corporate sponsorship platforms, media coverage and membership benefit programs into the organization to further elevate cornhole.


By | ACO News (from the ACO)

Watch the ACO World Championships of Cornhole V LIVE. Coverage starts at 6:00pm. Go here to watch.

Social Doubles Championship
World Doubles Championship
Social Singles Championship “King of Sling”
World Women’s Championship “Queen of Cornhole”
World Championship “King of Cornhole”

Update 2/5/2011 1:30pm: A storm hit the Indianapolis area, which has affected the start time of coverage of the event. Hometown Sports, the production company producing the live streaming event, can’t leave their area due the snowfall and icy conditions. Our morning hours were spent trying to find another solution. Thanks to a referral from Hometown Sports, Audiacom has agreed to step in as a video production partner. However, the delay will move the coverage start time to 6:00pm.

ACO Worlds: Behind the Scenes

By | ACO Video

The blizzard.

It created a problem for more than just players going to the ACO World Championships V to participate in the King of Cornhole and other tournaments. It played a crucial role in determining whether or not the event would be streamed online for the masses to watch.

Matt Gray (left) and Paul Nelson (right) discussing options.

While everyone enjoyed themselves playing cornhole, Matt Gray and Paul Nelson were attempting to resolve an unfortunate situation behind the scenes. The video production company hired to produce and stream the event couldn’t make the journey to the ACO Worlds because of the hazardous weather.

It’s 8:00AM. There wasn’t a production company for the ACO Worlds. Championship matches were schedule to start in eight hours. Watch the adventures of Matt and Paul trying to find a solution to this dilemna.

Final Field Set

By | ACO News (from the ACO)

The final field of sixty-four is set. Twenty-six players survived Day One and are moving into the Bracket against the top ranked players in the cornhole world. Congratulations to the twenty-six who advanced.

Players Who Advanced Into the Bracket:

Keith Blair
Allen Drewry
Sheri Eggleton
Duke Bush
Charles Fletcher
Tony Longoria
Jeff Reynolds
Kyle Treadway
Geno Randazzo
David Reese
Isidro Herrera
Gary Lewis
Lee Crawford
Dale Shobe
Cody Taylor
Kenny Flint
Mark Allen
Eric Zocklein
Troy Jackson, Jr.
Michael Markinson
Troy Taylor
Ron Kugel
Tom Bobo
Steve Claycomb
Jeremiah Wilson
Rick Mayes

Download the Bracket here.