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June 2011

Message from ACO

By | ACO News (from the ACO)

Greetings ACO Players,

The 2011 Tailgate Bash featuring the ACO Monster Energy World Cornhole Championship on Fountain Square in Cincinnati has been an ACO premiere event for the  past five years. Each year the top 16 players in the ACO World Rankings have earned an opportunity to compete for the very prestigious Title, and due to our generous sponsors, one of the biggest prizes purses of the year.

Time and space restrictions limit the field on Fountain Square to 16  players. Therefore, we have attempted to give more players the opportunity  to earn one of those coveted 16 spots with the addition of a Qualifying tournament the past couple of years.

We have heard from many players that they would like to see more qualifying spots available. This year the top 16 players from the Qualifying tournament will face the top 16 players from the World Rankings on Friday night to determine the 16 players who will play Saturday on Fountain Square.

In past years our sponsors have been guaranteed that the top Ranked ACO players in the World would be represented on Fountain Square. Therefore, to ensure that high Ranked ACO players will be represented this year, a player must achieve 150 World Ranking Points by the conclusion of the ACO HoleBash Masters Series or be recognized as a current ACO-PRO in order to participate in the Qualifying tournament.

Players currently not meeting the 150 WRPs requirement still have an opportunity to get into this incredible midseason event. There are two Master Series Events before the Tailgate Bash and ample time to perform a SCR. For all players who have already reached 150 WRPs: Thank you for your  support and we’ll see you at the 2011 Tailgate Bash!