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We hired a new employee

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Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP and member of ACO

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Joe Flacco led the Baltimore Ravens to their second NFL championship title. But did you know cornhole was the secret to this season’s success?

Did you know Joe Flacco and Sam Koch are card carrying members of the ACO?

A recent NY Times article explains how cornhole was great for building relationships in the locker room. The Ravens thought it was so important they took four sets of boards with them to the NFL championship game.

Flacco and Koch might be setting the locker room on fire, but it was former Raven-turned-Colt Cory Redding who introduced cornhole into the Ravens’ locker room back in 2010. Two years later, the ACO (@ACO) connected with the Ravens (@RavensCornhole). Within the week Redding, Flacco and Koch were card carrying members of the ACO.

Read NY Times article here.


ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII to be held in Cincinnati

By | ACO News (from the ACO)

ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII Cincinnati

The ACO World Championships of Cornhole returns to its roots to Cincinnati, Ohio this July. You read that right. ACO Worlds VIII will be July 2013 and not January 2014.

“American Cornhole is extremely excited about the opportunity to bring the ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII back home to Cincinnati,” said Frank Geers, ACO CEO/President. “We are very proud of our city and all that it has to offer our players, fans and sponsors.  It is the birth place of our organization.” Geers said the organization is talking with a handful of locations around the area. Specific dates in July have yet to be determined.

“There will be some adjustments for us, our Certified Officials and our players, but we made this change to better position ourselves for future activity,” said Doug Hopkins, ACO Chairman and partner.

The ACO isn’t only moving the World Championships of Cornhole. They are restructuring their entire season. 2013 will be a shortened season ending at the ACO World Championships of Cornhole VIII in July. The early conversations are the 2014 season will start in September and run through the end of May 2014 with ACO Worlds IX in July 2014.

Moving the Worlds to the epicenter of cornhole in July will eliminate the threat of snow affecting travel. However, weather and location weren’t the primary factors for the move.

“I suggested to the team July would provide us a better opportunity to share cornhole with more people,” said Matt Gray, Director of TV/Media Development and ACO partner. “A certain four letter sports network recommended moving to July as well.”

According to Gray, conversations with the unnamed sports network have been ongoing since 2011. An agreement was almost done in 2012.

“The network likes what we have been building,” said Gray. “The ball is now in our court. It’s up to us and the cornhole world to turn a possibility into a reality.”

Read more details about the ACO’s shortened 2013 season here.