C H O O S E  Y O U R  W E A P O N

4 Bag Choices at Every Major

Each player picks their weapon to play with from our Certified Bag Partners.

What are the 4 brands of bags available to use?

Our ACO Certified Bag Parters are: ACO Fasttraxx Bags, Reynolds Bags and Ultra Cornhole Bags. For practicing, these bags can be found below for purchase from each company’s website.

Do I need to bring my own bags to tournaments?

No, the ACO is providing sets of each of these four Partner bags at each Major and at Worlds.

At which ACO tournaments do we have this bag choice?

ACO Certified Partner Bags are available at every ACO Major and at Worlds 14.

Newbie Q: Why would different players want different bags?

Each player plays differently and some find that they play better with a particular brand of bags. This choice also allows for more flexibility in play, greater strategy and a more competitive environment.

New in ACO Season 14

We now allow players to use one of four Certified ACO Partner Bags. This allows more flexibility in play, greater strategy and a more competitive environment.


Experience the play of the pros and enjoy a higher level cornhole game.

Poly-cotton / Suede bags with 2 playing surfaces: a “slick” side and a “sticky” side, adding greater dimension to your cornhole game.

Reinforced hem

Guaranteed by American Cornhole


Set of 4



Precision sewn for durability and feel using advanced automation technology.

Volume and weight of the filler is measured to within 1% to ensure the highest level of consistency for maximum control and accuracy.

The plastic pellet filler has the perfect size, shape and sound.


Set of 4



Made by World Champion Jeff Reynolds

The highest quality bags on the market

Meets the requirements and are approved by the ACO to be used in ACO  tournaments

Standard colors are black, gold and green


Set of 8