For the purpose of this document, “ACO Tour Events” will refer to and include all ACO Regional tournaments, ACO Major tournaments, ACO State Championships, ACO Conference Championships, and the ACO World Championships of Cornhole 15.

ACO Approved for use at ACO Tour Events

  • ACO bag approval is completed by the ACO without affiliation of the bag manufacturers
  • There is no fee or application required from bag manufacturers
  • The ACO will simply listen to the players, test bags, and add them to our Certified bag list when it’s a good fit!
  • If you’re a bag manufacturer and would like to have your bags considered, fill out the contact form below

For approval, bags must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Each bag is filled with plastic resin/beads which will not breakdown
  • Each bag weighs between 15.75 ounces (447g) and 16.25 ounces (461g)
  • When flat, each bag not to exceed a thickness of 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
  • When flat, each bag to have a minimum thickness of 1.125 inch (3.18cm)
  • When flat, each bag to be a minimum of 5.75 inches (14.60cm) across at its narrowest point (side to side)
  • When flat, each bag not to exceed 8.25 inches (21cm) across at its widest point (corner to corner)
  • Each bag must have clearly printed manufacturer logo/name and series name
  • Bags must be one primary color
  • Bags may have rounded corners but cannot be rounded more than 0.5” from the corner on a 6” x “6 bag

ACO Certified Bag Contact Form