The American Cornhole Organization is the worldwide governing body for the sport of cornhole.

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What’s the ACO Free Trial Toss?

The ACO Free Trial Toss program gives players the opportunity to compete in any ACO Regional Division free of charge, one time only.

Normally, it would cost a player a minimum of the $25.00 ACO annual membership and $10.00 entry to compete for the first time in any ACO Regional. This offer has a $35.00 value.

We want you to experience the ACO! We want to prove ourselves to you, so we are extending a one day FREE MEMBERSHIP and a chance to compete in any Division free of charge to you.

Check out our extensive calendar list of ACO Regionals across the country and find the Certified Official nearest you. If there are no Certified Officials in your area, you may want to consider applying to become one yourself.

If you don’t like us after playing with us, you are out no money and can go back to pitching cornhole in the backyard. If it turns out you like the ACO, then we’ve done our job.

The next step for you is to pay your full $25 membership for the season. This can be purchased from the ACO Certified Official Organization you played with during your free trial toss. If you have problems for any reason purchasing a membership through them, you can always purchase your membership online.

After purchasing your membership you are ready to move forward with becoming an active ACO Player and new member to our ACO Cornhole Family. Be sure to read the full players guide. This will help you better understand how the ACO system works.

Here’s to you becoming the next King or Queen of Cornhole.

We are cornhole…. It’s all about pitchin’ fun.