Beloved reality TV star Rich Pyle has made his mark in the entertainment world with his charismatic presence and quick wit.


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Spectators flood center court…

Is it one of the top ACO-PRO’s ready to start a match? Is it one of the highly anticipated grudge matches that spring up at Worlds?

No, it’s Rich Pyle, host of Hole Nation, ringleading another of his famous (and often crazy) ACO Game Zone Challenges.

And there’s Tracey Pyle catching every minute of the zany action for another episode of Hole Nation. The duo brings the ACO Game Zone Challenges to multiple ACO Majors, and showcase the best of the action at the World Championships in July every year. Come try your hand at one of the free challenges, like the Mini-Bag Long Toss Challenge or GreeneBacks. Whether you play or watch, Rich and the Game Zone won’t disappoint.

Rich Pyle, a Detroit native and beloved reality TV star, has made his mark in the entertainment world with his charismatic presence and quick wit. For seven seasons, Pyle endeared himself to audiences as a leading character on truTV’s hit show “Hardcore Pawn.” Serving as the store manager at American Jewelry and Loan, located on the iconic 8 Mile in Detroit, Pyle’s spiked hair and long goatee became synonymous with the show’s dynamic atmosphere. With over 20 years of experience in the pawn business, Pyle showcased his expertise and charm in 91 episodes before departing in 2013. Following his tenure on “Hardcore Pawn,” Pyle transitioned seamlessly to the National Geographic Channel, where he starred as himself in the role of an Urban Prospector on the acclaimed series “Meltdown.”

Yet, it was his subsequent venture as the host of “Hole Nation” that truly showcased Pyle’s versatility and passion for entertainment. Combining his expertise in reality television with his genuine enthusiasm for cornhole, Pyle brings his signature energy and charisma to the screen, captivating audiences with each episode of the groundbreaking show.

As the face of “Hole Nation,” Pyle continues to entertain and inspire viewers with his infectious personality and genuine passion for the sport. With his unparalleled charm and expertise, Pyle has cemented his legacy as a beloved personality in the realm of reality television, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.