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So you’ve joined the ACO… What’s next?

The American Cornhole Organization is recognized as the governing body for the sport of cornhole. As we progress, the American Cornhole team is dedicated to enhancing your experience as a player. We’re here to help you navigate your journey from joining the ACO… to World Champion!

We’ve broken this page into two sections: Next Steps and the Learning Center.


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  • Then, you can head down the page to the Learning Center, which has everything you need to know about playing cornhole in the ACO.  GO
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If you don’t already have a Scoreholio account, you need to create one using the same email address that you used when you purchased your ACO Membership. If you do already have a Scoreholio account, and you used the same email address when you purchased your ACO Membership, then you’re good to go. Since ACO uses Scoreholio for all ranking and scoring, your email needs to match across both Scoreholio and ACO. Got it?

Setting up your account is done from the app only.



Here’s an overview on setting up your account.
Then, click the “Scoreholio 101” banner on the app to learn the basics of using Scoreholio.


The ACO Players Site has everything you need to play competitive or PRO cornhole in the ACO.

  • Find Tournaments and Buy Tickets
  • Directory of ACO Players and other Resources
  • ACO Rankings & Top Players
  • Tournament Results & Champions

The ACO Players Guide is updated every Season. It’s the go-to document for everything you need to know about playing this Season. Here, you can also find Official ACO Cornhole Rules.

Download the Players Guide

ACO Cornhole Certified Officials are avid cornhole players that set up local cornhole clubs with fun tournaments. Search for a club in your area and hang out with other ACO players!

Find Your Local Club

Find local ACO Tournaments, ACO Majors (which are points-earning) and other fun ACO events. Register to compete in any Division you want – each has a different entry fee. Divisions include: Singles, Doubles, Coed Doubles, Womens, Seniors and Juniors. See below for requirement details and entry fees for each.

Also – See the section below about what to expect at your first ACO Major – where to go and what to do!

Find ACO Tournaments & Events

Learning Center

The Basics

What are my ACO Membership Benefits?

ACO Membership gives players the opportunity to compete in sanctioned tournaments, win cash and prizes, and get World Ranked, with the ability to enter the ACO World Championships of Cornhole.

  • Receive an ACO Membership Number
  • Ability to purchase a customized ACO Player Jersey
  • Get ACO World Ranked
  • Eligible to earn ACO World Ranking points at ACO Regionals and ACO Majors
  • Eligible to qualify for the ACO World Championships of Cornhole in July
  • Eligible to qualify for the Corny Forty (top 40 Ranked Players) and receive free entry into the World Championships
  • Eligible to qualify for the Top Gun Twenty (top 20 Ranked Teams) and receive free entry into the World Championships

Membership is valid through ACO World Cornhole Day (last Saturday in July, annually)

Where can I find the ACO Rules for the Sport of Cornhole?

Whether you’re a backyard cornhole player or a tournament level pro, these are the cornhole rules that are officially followed worldwide for the sport. To find the full rules (or a simple rules sheet), click the button below to visit the ACO Rules page.


Where can I find an ACO Cornhole Club in my area?

ACO Certified Officials are avid cornhole players and enthusiasts sharing the passion for cornhole. They create local clubs for ACO members to meet and play, as well as running ACO Regionals and Majors. Use the button below to search for a Certified Official and club in your area

How do I get good? How do I improve my game?

Other than practicing all you can… there are two great ways to learn the techniques and strategies the ACO PROs use:

  1. Watch ACO matches where the Commentators are describing the action, the shots and the strategy.
  2. Go to ACO Tournaments and… just ask the PROs! Top ACO players and PROs are always willing to help and show you some great strategies, throwing style, and so much more.

Where can I watch ACO Pro Cornhole?

  LIVE STREAMS on Facebook

Professional cornhole action comes to you live all weekend from the ACO World Championships, Festivals, and most ACO Majors, featuring the top games on Center Court – all commentated by the ACO Broadcast Team.

  REPLAYS on YouTube

And when it’s over, you can always go back and watch all the ACO Digital Archive replays and highlights on YouTube. Plus, find made-for-TV programs like ACO Classics: The Matches That Made History, King of Cornhole, World Series of Cornhole, ACO Fight Club, and ACO Allstars.

 How to get notified on Facebook:

  1. Go to the ACO Facebook page
  2. Click the LIKE button – even if you’ve already liked the page, this will bring up your notification settings for the ACO page.
  3. Scroll down to Notifications >> Live Video, and change it to “All Notifications”

How to get notified on YouTube:

  1. Go to the ACO YouTube Channel
  2. Click the Notification (bell) Icon to let you know when there are new videos and updates from the ACO.
  3. Or, click the Subscribe Button to have the latest ACO videos appear in your Subscriptions and on your YouTube home screen.

Where can I find other cornhole shows, podcasts and magazines?

Video Podcast: The TACO – “Talking ACO”
The original, and longest running cornhole podcast in the world!

The TACO Page

Hole Nation with Rich Pyle
The original, and longest running cornhole podcast in the world.


Hole Magazine
The Magazine for Cornhole Players and Enthusiasts


Is there a list of Official Cornhole Bags I can use at ACO Tournaments?

Shop the Official ACO brand Boards and Bags, plus official ACO gear to wear, including hats, tees, jerseys and more at the ACO Shop.

Looking for ACO Approved Cornhole Bags from other manufacturers that are approved for tournament play?


I want to buy some ACO gear and cool swag - where do I find that?

Shop the Official ACO brand Boards and Bags, plus official ACO gear to wear, including hats, tees, jerseys and more at the ACO Shop.

Looking for ACO Approved Cornhole Bags from other manufacturers that are approved for tournament play?


Shop the Official ACO brand Boards and Bags, plus official ACO gear to wear, including hats, tees, jerseys and more at the ACO Shop.

Looking for ACO Approved Cornhole Bags from other manufacturers that are approved for tournament play?


Misc (TO DO)


Important Notes
No outside food or beverage allowed at ACO Majors. Violations will result in removal from the premises with no refunds.

ACO branded apparel will be required in all Division championship matches on center court (live stream). You may wear a sponsored jersey, however, our 4” logo must be on the right sleeve.

ACO Video Release
By becoming an American Cornhole Organization member or purchasing a ticket or entry to any American Cornhole Organization event; You are giving physical permission to the American Cornhole Organization and its affiliates the rights of your image, and video or still, and of the likeness in sound of your voice as recorded on audio or video tape. Your image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published, or distributed for ANY USE and You waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product. You also waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of your image or recording.

Prohibited Conduct
American Cornhole Organization may, in our sole and absolute discretion, immediately terminate a your membership privileges if we believe that you have engaged or are engaging in certain conduct, or have been alleged to have engaged in certain conduct, including, without limitation, conduct involving:

Harassment, discrimination, violence, intimidation, criminal activity or moral turpitude of a nature which, in American Cornhole Organization’s sole and absolute discretion, reflects or could reflect unfavorably upon the reputation of American Cornhole Organization.

Such a termination will be effective immediately and shall be without refund of any membership fees and/or ticket purchase fees.

In the event of any such termination, American Cornhole Organization will use our best efforts to notify you/the member of such termination. No terminated member may participate in any American Cornhole Organization events, nor shall any terminated member identify himself or herself as being a member of or being in any way affiliated with American Cornhole Organization.

Refund Policy
NO REFUNDS on tickets after Early Registration Deadline which will be 2 Sundays prior to the event.
Request must be emailed to

Cancellation Policy
In the event of cancellation, your funds will be refunded EXCLUDING all service and processing fees.

Item Transfer Policy
You are unable to transfer your ticket to another player nor to a future event

ACO Tournaments and Divisions

Where can I find ACO Tournaments & Events?

From local Regional Tournaments, to ACO Majors, to the World Championships of Cornhole in July… and fun cornhole parties and events in between… this is where to find your next time and place to get in on the action!


Prefer finding upcoming ACO Tournaments & Events on Facebook? We list them all there too.


What's the difference between the various ACO Tournaments and Events?

Open a PDF that shows all ACO events here.

ACO Festivals and Fun Events

American Cornhole hosts annual destination cornhole festivals, as well as coordinating with music festivals and other special events to create top-level cornhole parties with fun and prizes.

Find an ACO Festival

Regional Tournaments

Cornhole events coordinated by ACO Certified Officials in their local market at a location and date of their choice in which players compete at a local level for World Ranking Points and prizes

Find a Regional

ACO Majors

Cornhole events coordinated by the ACO Corporate Team in which players from all Regions come together at one location to compete for points and prizes

Find a Major

ACO PRO Series of Cornhole

A tournament series for ACO-PROs held on Friday at select ACO Majors during the Season

Go to the ACO Pro Series Page

ACO State Championships

Tournaments held at the end of each Season to find the best player in each State and award the coveted State Champion jersey

Go to the State Page

ACO World Championships of Cornhole

The Worlds Biggest Cornhole Party. A five-day event in July for players, spectators, and the whole family, which crowns the best cornhole players in the World.

Go to the Worlds Page

What's a typical Tournament Schedule at an ACO Major?

Majors are 2 day events, starting at 8AM Friday, and ending Saturday night. The Majors schedule of tournament start times changes slightly from Season to Season, so check the ACO Majors page for the latest updated schedule.


I'm new. What will my first Major be like? Where do I go first, and what should I expect? (TO DO)


Bring your phone to the registration table, warm up, BYO bags… like – duh. But I didn’t know any of that.


What Divisions are played at ACO Tournaments?

Larger ACO tournaments like Worlds and Majors will feature all Divisions, while smaller tournaments like Regionals may not. These are the ACO Divisions you can compete in to become a World Champion.

  • Singles: The division to crown the King of Cornhole at the World Championship night
  • Doubles: The division to crown the top Doubles Team in the world
  • Womens: The division to crown the top Womens Player in the world
  • Seniors: The division to crown the top Seniors Player in the world
  • Juniors: The division to crown the top Juniors Player in the world
  • Coed Doubles: A Doubles division consisting of one male and one female player per team
  • Hampton Farms Blind Draw: The ACO division of chaos: A blind draw Doubles tournament for the cash prize!

Other “Walk-up” tournaments are often offered at Majors, which are open to non-ACO Members (the public) and do not require advance registration. These include:

  • Blind Draws: Other “walk up” blind draw tournaments other than the main Hampton Farms Blind Draw Division. All players are paired up at random to form Doubles partners.
  • BYOP (bring your own partner) Quads: You and your partner are teamed up with another team to form a quad team.

Which Divisions can I compete in?

As an ACO Member, you can register to compete in any Division that you meet the entry Requirements for. Each Division has a different Entry Fee and Requirements:

  • Singles – Open to all ACO Members
  • Doubles – Open to all ACO Members
  • Womens – Open to all female ACO Members
  • Seniors – Open to all ACO Members 55+
  • Juniors – Open to all ACO Members 17 and under

What are the entry fees for each Division?

Fees may vary for Regionals, but for ACO Majors, the Entry Fees for each Division are:

$40 Early Registration Online
$60 Late Registration Online
$80 Walk Up

$80 Early Registration Online (per team)
$120 Late Registration Online (per team)
$160 Walk Up (per team)

$30 Early Registration Online (per team)
$45 Late Registration Online (per team)
$60 Walk Up (per team)

$30 Early Registration Online
$45 Late Registration Online
$60 Walk Up

$0 FREE Registration Online

Coed Doubles
$60 Early Registration Online (per team)
$90 Late Registration Online (per team)
$120 Walk Up (per team)

BYOP Quads
$20 Walk Up ONLY ($40 per team)

Hampton Farms Blind Draw
$20 Walk Up ONLY

What are those other Tournaments that are played at ACO Worlds?

Besides the regular ACO Divisions, the ACO World Championships of Cornhole adds in these other great tournaments:

  • Tailgator World Championships: If you didn’t make the cut to compete at Worlds… this is the ultimate social cornhole event all week in the Tailgator Zone at Worlds. Bring your own partner and you can both win the coveted Tailgator trophy and jersey!
  • The Slyder Cup: A tournament based on teams of 5 players. The Open Division is open to anyone. The Non-Pro Division is open to anyone except ACO-Pros.
  • Blind Draws: Other “walk up” blind draw tournaments other than the main Hampton Farms Blind Draw Division are held throughout Worlds week. All players are paired up at random to form Doubles partners.
  • Certified Official Shootout: This is a chance for all of the ACO Certified Officials (CO’s) to find out who is best! Open only to ACO CO’s
  • Lifetimer Championship: The “ACO Ink’d” Lifetime Members play for the championship title in this ACO-tattooed tournament
  • ACO Player of the Season Playoff: The Player of the Season is the Singles player with the top ranked standing at the end of the season. In the event that two or more players are tied in standings at the end of the ACO season, a playoff match is held to find the Player of the Season.

What kind of Cash Purse, Prizes and Payouts can I win?

When you start throwing well, you can start earning some money! The World Championships pays out the most, followed by Majors, then Regionals.

Purse: “Purse”, “Prize Purse”, and “Cash Prize Purse” are all used to mean one thing: Money. Tournaments will list what the Purse is for each Division, which is split among the top finishers in that Division.

Prizes: These include trophies and prize jerseys.

Payouts: For walk-up Tournaments, the payout is a portion (usually 50%) of the registration fees, which is split among the top finishers in that Tournament.

Note that Juniors are not legally allowed to win cash, so they only take home prizes.

These are typical Purse amounts at Majors (some Majors may be higher):  

Singles Division
$2,000 Purse
Trophy for Winner

Doubles Division
$2,000 Purse
Trophy for Winner

ACO-PRO Series Event
$2,500 Purse
Trophy for Winner

Womens / Seniors / Coed
50% Payout
Trophies for Winners
(Payout is based on “Online Early Registered Players” as of 11:59pm the 2 Sundays prior to the event)

Trophies for Winners

Big Blind Draw and Quads
50% Payout
(Payout is based on Walk Up Cash Only)

$500 Singles Bonus
For the Single Division Winner
(see eligibility below)

$500 Doubles Team Bonus
For Doubles Division Team Winner
(bonus split between 2 players)

To be eligible for either bonus: The player(s) must be wearing one of the following ACO jerseys (from any Season) for the entire Singles / Doubles tournament: ACO-Pro, Corny 40, Top Gun 20, Major Champion, Worlds Champion, State Champion, Pro Invitational, Player, and Lifetime Member (Each player from the wining team wearing the following jerseys will be eligible for a $250 Bonus)

Major Prize Jersey (the purple jersey)

A player will have the opportunity to win an ACO Purple Prize jersey by winning any Division at any Major during that Season.

If a player wins Division titles at more than one Major during the Season, the ACO will create an additional “Multiple Championships Purple Prize Jersey” at the end of Season 18 for the player. This jersey will feature patches of the various Majors and Divisions won. Expect delivery prior to the World Championships for that Season.

A player will only be eligible to win a maximum of two FREE Purple Prize jerseys per Season. The player may request purchasing additional prize jerseys for a fee.

Are there Hotel Discounts for ACO Tournaments?

Yes there are.

Find discounted hotel rates, tournament details and more info to help you plan the perfect cornhole weekend on each individual ACO Major page. There are also hotel discounts for the World Championships.



Tournament Talk: What are all these tournament terms I hear at events?

Lots of tournament types are played in the ACO. Here’s how they work.

  • Double Elimination: The loser of a match gets another chance to win by moving into the Loser’s Bracket. Most Tournament Brackets at Worlds are Double Elimination.
  • Pool Play: When there are many players in a Division, pool play is used to place players into the different Tier Brackets, based on their performance in the Pool Play bracket.
  • Mini Pool Play: Used at Worlds, these are small pool play brackets that are used to advance top finishers to the Champion Bracket, or advance next finishers to the Tier Pool Play Brackets. An example of this is the RPI (Ranked Players Invitational).
  • RPI (Ranked Players Invitational): A mini pool play bracket type to advance Singles players to either the Singles Championship Bracket, or the Singles Tier 2 – Tier 4 Championship Brackets.
  • Tier Brackets: These are the final brackets in a Division, called Main Tier, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Only players in the Main Tier can advance on to the Division Championships (for example, Singles or Doubles). There is a final Champion, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place for each Tier.
  • Best of 2 of 3: Used for Championship matches only. Players play 3 matches, and whoever wins 2 of the games is the winner.

Improving, Earning Points and Getting World Ranked

How do I earn ACO World Ranking Points?

Players participate in ACO Tournaments to earn points towards their ACO World Rankings. ACO World Rankings are then used to seed players for future tournaments, award prizes (Jersey, Player/Team of the Season, Cornyforty, TopGun Twenty, etc.), designate ACO-PRO players, and qualify to compete in the ACO World Championships of Cornhole.

Where can I find my ACO World Ranking?

Once you have played in an ACO points earning Tournament, you will be listed in the ACO World Rankings for that Season. Click the button below to search for your name and see your Points and World Ranking.


Which ACO Tournaments are Points Earning?

ACO Regionals and ACO Majors are both Points Earning Tournaments.

ACO State Championships, ACO Festivals, and ACO Worlds are Non-Points Earning.

HINT: You should be playing in several Points Earning Tournaments throughout the Season if your goal is to build your ACO World Rankings or to qualify to compete at Worlds.

Also note that at Regionals and Majors, the main ACO Divisions (Singles, Doubles, etc.) are Points Earning, while the walk-up Tournaments such as BYOP Quads and Blind Draws are Non-Points Earning – they’re just for fun and for winning Payouts!

How are ACO World Ranking Points calculated?

ACO Regionals:

A player’s (or team’s) 8 best finishes of the Season at a Regional will count toward their final point total. Once a player (or team) competes in their 9th Regional, their lowest score will be dropped from the list, and so on.

Points Scale – ACO Regionals, all Divisions
1st Place = 25pts
2nd Place = 24 pts
3rd Place = 23 pts
4th Place = 22 pts
5th Place tie = 20 pts
7th Place tie = 18 pts
9th Place tie = 16 pts
13th Place tie = 14 pts
17th Place tie = 12 pts

A player’s (or team’s) 4 best finishes of the Season at a Major will count toward their final point total. Once a player (or team) competes in their 5th Major, their lowest score will be dropped from the list, and so on.

Points Scale – ACO Regionals, all Divisions
1st Place = 50 pts
2nd Place = 49 pts
3rd Place = 48 pts
4th Place = 47 pts
5th Place tie = 45 pts
7th Place tie = 43 pts
9th Place tie = 41 pts
13th Place tie = 39 pts
17th Place tie = 37 pts
25th Place tie = 35 pts
33rd Place tie = 33 pts
49th – 64th tie = 31 pts

How to I find the results and brackets of the tournaments I’ve played in so far?

Just head over to the Tournament Results and Brackets page to learn how to find that information on Scoreholio.


…or skip straight to the Scoreholio Results page if you know how to use it.


Who are the top Cornhole Players right now?

ACO World Rankings show the top cornhole players in the world CURRENTLY – these Rankings change throughout the Season.

ACO-PROs are the top 80 players from the previous Season, and into the current Season.

Corny 40 are the top 40 ACO-PROs

TopGun 20 are the top 20 ACO Doubles Teams

What does it take to become the ACO World Champion?

The Road to Worlds: Here’s how to go from now… to ACO World Singles Champion (King or Queen of Cornhole)

  • Become an ACO Member and start playing. You can check that box as done.
  • Now, to make it to Worlds, you have to first qualify. Up to 540 Qualified Singles are accepted into the Singles Division at Worlds. To qualify, you have to play in at least 5 ACO Tournaments (Majors or Regionals) in Singles Division during the year-long ACO Season. Or, you can finish the Season in the “Corny 40” (the top 40 ranked Singles Players of the Season).
  • You then qualify for Words and you register to play, along with up to 540 other players who enter the “RPI” pool play qualifiers at Worlds (that’s the Ranked Players Invitational).
  • You advance through three different Tiers of “Pool Play” Mini Brackets in Double Elimination tournaments. A minimum of 54 players advance to the three Worlds Singles Bracket Tiers.
  • You advance through three different Tiers of Worlds Singles Brackets in Double Elimination tournaments. Up to 4 players advance to the Worlds Singles Championship.
  • You beat 3 other players on Championship Night to become the ACO World Singles Champion, and the King or Queen of Cornhole!

I want to become an ACO-PRO. How do I do that?

There are two ways to achieve (or maintain) ACO-PRO status.
A player needs only to achieve one of the following goals:

  1. End of Season: Finish in the Top 80 of the ACO World Singles Rankings, or
  2. ACO World Championships: Finish in the Top 96 in ACO World Singles

Benefits of Becoming an ACO-PRO

  • Earn a Free ACO-PRO Jersey (top 80 ranked players)
  • Eligible to purchase an ACO-PRO Jersey (top 96 Singles finishers at Worlds)
  • Eligible for ACO-PRO Series tournaments or other invitational events in the Season
  • ACO-PRO Facebook Cover image (emailed to you in August of each year)
  • Bragging rights!

What is the ACO Pro Series of Cornhole?

The ACO Pro Series Tour is an invitational tournament for ACO Pros only, Live Streamed from 10 US cities on the ACO Majors Tour. Registered ACO-PRO players participate in Round 1, from 9am – 12pm on Friday of the Major. All players recognized as ACO-PRO players are invited to participate for FREE.


ACO Tournament Formats Explained

ACO Quick Watches

3 Days at ACO Worlds 17, 2022
Branson, Missouri

ACO Owensboro Major, Season 18
Owensboro, Kentucky

ACO Charleston Major, Season 18
Charleston, West Virginia

ACO PCB Major, Season 18
Panama City Beach, Florida

ACO Festival at the Field of Dreams
Dyersville, Iowa

ACO Pro Series Shootout, Match #4
Branson, Missouri

ACO: We Are Cornhole.
A History of American Cornhole Organization and the development of the sport

ACO Worlds 15 Promo
Las Vegas, Nevada

ESPN Sportscience
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Learn the Flop Shot

Hole Nation
Rich Challenges Stacey O’Bryan to a “Size Matters” challenge

The TACO Clip of the Week
“Brotherhood of Bags”

Wear the Brand!

Best-selling ACO T-Shirts. Shop all ACO gear

Throw like the Pros!

Welcome to the Sport of Cornhole.

As the Official Governing Body of the sport of cornhole since 2005, ACO is dedicated to providing programs and services to set cornhole standards, ensure its integrity, preserve its future and enhance the cornhole experience. Enjoy ACO’s valuable benefits and support the sport you love by becoming an ACO member. Game on!