ACO Top Gun 20 Teams

ACO Season 18

Introducing the Top 20 ranked ACO Teams in the world.

Final rankings are determined at the end of the Season to choose the Top Gun 20 Teams. You can sort the list below by ranking, first names or state.

RankTeamStatePointsTeam Season PPRTeam Season DPR
1Isaac Hurt & Kaleb HurtVA4009.50.88
1Tyler Amos & Craig ErvinMO4009.570.68
1Kyle Anderson & Drew WehkingIL4009.810.64
4Johnny Thomas & Randall GarrisonAL3959.520.59
5Steve Smith (In) & Tj MillerIN3929.590.48
6Kim Dice & Chad JacksonGA3898.730.34
7Joey Persinger & Danny DeisherIL3879.150.51
8Jerry Stallions & Russell TabersKY3878.690.32
9Willie Johns & Austin ThomasonKY3859.130.52
10Chad Chestnut & Chris TinglerVA3859.30.49
11Jacob Garner & Spencer GarnerAR3858.510.14
12Stuart Graham & Austin DouglasVA3848.950.41
13Richard Hochgesang & Michael HochgesangIN3849.290.29
14Rob Cooksey & Tommy HuyckMO & KY3829.190.42
15Zach Johnston & Chase PuckettAL3829.120.28
16Allen Bonde & Dayton WillKS3828.59-0.03
17Todd Gammon & Matt GammonKY3819.550.55
18Eustice Perry & Brian HigginbothamVA3809.150.29
19Lowell Sampson & Jack HarcrowAL3799.220.38
20Martina Belt & Bryce JeffersonTN3789.030.41

How to Become an ACO Top Gun 20 Team

Enter ACO Majors and finish the Season ranked in the top 20 of the ACO World Doubles Rankings

Benefits of Becoming an ACO Top Gun 20 Team

    1. Earn a FREE Top Gun 20 Jersey (one for each teammate)
    2. Bragging rights!

Mockup for illustrative purposes only. Actual jersey may change.

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