A New Way to Play.

A skins game is a type of scoring for various sports. In golf, a skins event has players compete for prize money on each individual hole. It has its origins in golf but has been adapted for disc golf, curling and bowling.

…and now it’s been adapted for cornhole.

Here’s How to Play Skins Cornhole:


Game Setup

Each Cornhole Game is worth a total of 13 Skins.
Each Frame of a Game (player throwing their 4 bags down the court) = 1 Skin.


A player earns 1 Skin by outscoring their opponent during the Frame (using standard cornhole scoring).
If players tie their score in a Frame, then the Skin rolls over and is added to the next Frame.

Put some Skin in the Game

Each Skin is set to a mutually agreed upon $$$ dollar value (or other prize, such as a beer) per Frame.

How to Win

The first player to win 7 Skins also wins their opponent's Skins, and the Game is over. The loser pays the winner the $$$ dollar value (or prize) x the number of Skins won.
Note that the winner could potentially earn anywhere from 7 to 13 Skins total in the Game.


It's of the best interest for the player who thinks they can win to let their opponent win as many Skins as possible without actually getting to 7 Skins. That way, the winner (who does ultimately win 7 Skins) can also claim their opponent's Skins, thereby winning more money at the end of the Game.

Why is Skins a Fun way to Play Cornhole?

  • Both players get a chance to win dough as you go!
  • It lessens the point spread, giving the underdog a chance to make a comeback.
  • This results in more aggressive shots and risky plays.
  • Both players can walk away with cash.