Become an ACO World Ranking Prize Sponsor

The ACO gives out prizes based on rankings at the end of the season.

Are you an online retailer or company  looking for a unique way to share your product? Let us help you promote and sell it! This is a great marketing solution for your product and brand, starting at only $500.


Who should promote?

  • Any company whose product is sold online or has retail outlets nationally
  • Automotive
  • Backyard
  • BBQ / Cooking
  • Camping
  • Electronics
  • Game
  • Outdoor
  • Tailgating
  • etc.

Our Demographics

  • Our audience is primarily made up of: Cornhole Enthusiasts,Tailgaters, Campers and Backyard BBQ people
  • We have targeted segments like our Seniors Division which is 55 years or older and primarily male, our Womens Division and our Juniors Division which is 17 years or younger and primarily male.
  • Gender: 80% Male / 20% Female
  • Ages: 25-55

What are the details to becoming an ACO Prize Sponsor for this Season's World Rankings?

  • Investment $500.00 plus your product & shipping estimate to winner.
  • Decide how many different prizes you want to submit. You can do one prize or many prizes within Season 15. Prizes will be awarded in June 2020 to all winners.
  • Choose what division you want your product displayed under online. There are several divisions to choose from: World Singles, World Doubles, Seniors, Womens, Juniors, COED and Blind Draw
  • Your prize link will show up under our rankings and be positioned in the rankings based on retail value of product. The higher value your prize, the higher it will show up in the rankings.

  • There is a prize value minimum of $15.00 but there is not a limit on maximum value and or number of prize(s) a company can submit. The more prizes you place into the system, the more exposure for you company
  • The rankings link will create a pop up window showcasing your product image, product description, product value, your company logo and a link to your website

  • Again you can submit multiple prizes, at various prize levels, and multiple types of prizes if you choose. Your investment is the initial $500.00 plus cost of product and shipping.
  • You are able to add prizes throughout the entire ACO Season from September 1, 2019  through May 31, 2020.
  • Once a prize is submitted and posted online it can not be changed

Year-to-Date Prizes for Season 15

Warphole Boards

Valued at $230.00


Polar Bear Backpack Cooler

Valued at $100.00


ACO Founders Bags

Valued at $40.00



Valued at $25.00


Become a Prize Sponsor

Please fill out the form below if you or your company is interested in becoming a prize sponsor for the ACO. By submitting this form, you are not held to any financial or other commitment.