December 14-15, 2018
Vegas Major
Las Vegas, NV
January 4-5, 2019
Owensboro Major
Owensboro, KY
January 11-12, 2019
North Platte Major
North Platte, NE
January 18-19, 2019
St. George Major
St. George, UT

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Watch the replay of four World Champions facing off on one epic night. Matt Guy, Ricky Mayes, Eric Zocklein and Jay Dotson, head-to-head for the first WCFC title

Live streamed at 6:30PM Monday, April 16


Hole Nation is the #1 Show for the Sport of Cornhole

Watch Hole Nation, Episode #3

Catch all Hole Nation Episodes here!


Frank & Fin run through the features of the ACO Player’s Mobile Site


South Bend, IN, December 2: The South Bend Tribune highlights the ACO South Bend Major and the big-time stars that played there. See full story here.

Tewksbury, MA, October 14: Wicked Cornhole and the future of the sport highlighted in recent business journal article. See full story here.

St. Louis Park, MN, October 5-6: The ACO St. Louis Park Major has been postponed with a future date TBD. Stay tuned to ACO communications for details.

St. Louis Park, MN, October 5-6: Local Minnesotan Newspaper Sun Sailor writes on the St. Louis Park Major. Full story here.

Charlotte, NC, September 21-22: ESPN 730 of Charlotte interviews Jeff Reynolds and Ryan Labelle during the ACO Charlotte/Concord Major. Listen below.



1  Erick Davis NC
2  Matt Guy KY
3  Terry Mathis IN
4  Brian Jones IL
4  David Morse
6  Chuckie Love OH
7  Drew Brown GA
8  Josh Holland NC
9  Daymon Dennis KY
10  Eric Zocklein KY


1  Daymon Dennis & Philip Haydon  KY
2  Brett Holland & Ken Jones  CA
3  Erick Davis & Robbie Davis  NC
4  Bret Guy & Matt Guy  KY
5  James Holland & Josh Holland  NC
6  Tanner Halbert & Ashton Speas  FL
7  Chuckie Love & Jeff Reynolds  OH
8  Terry Mathis & Jeff Shepherd Sr.  IN
9  Keith Blair & Eric Zocklein  KY
10 Steven Bernacet & Mike Villarreal  IN


1  Tammy Williams VA
2  Jessica Dover MI
3  Brittany Koenig MI
4  Karen English KY
5  Teresa Gregory KY
6 Katherine Kennedy VA
7 Taylor Kietzman MI
8  Mindy Miller OH
9 Jennifer Porter WV
10  Paula Stevens VA


1  Rex Uhrig OH
2  Mike Schaffer OH
3  Chuckie Love OH
4  Bob Vonch IN
5  Daymon Dennis KY
6  JR Williams VA
7  Mark Smothers KY
8 Mike Arrington, Sr NC
9  Tom Gorski IL
10 Jeff Shepherd Sr. IN


1  Erick Davis NC
2  Brianna Crosco MD
3  Austin Cameron VA
4  Nicholas Page VA
5  Devin Page VA
6  Cameron Metten MI
7  Brian Bailey
8  C.J. Slugantz KY
9  Kaylee Hunter NC
10  Ronnie B Hileman, Jr VA


Allan Rockwell Season 14
Allen Wingham Season 14
Ashton Speas Seasons 14 & 15
Austin Brandle Seasons 14 & 15
Austin Swann Seasons 14 & 15
Blake Demale Season 14
Bob Mallonee Seasons 14 & 15
Bob Vonch Seasons 14 & 15
Brad Tucker Seasons 14 & 15
Branden Davis Seasons 14 & 15
Brandon Jones Seasons 14 & 15
Brent Smith Season 14
Brett Holland Seasons 14 & 15
Caleb Avery Season 14
Carl Stenger Seasons 14 & 15
Chad Chestnut Seasons 14 & 15
Chad Fisher Season 14
Chad Mayberry Seasons 14 & 15
Charles Coleman Season 14
Charlie Kase Seasons 14 & 15
Chris Clark Seasons 14 & 15
Chris Cooper Seasons 14 & 15
Chris Jones Seasons 14 & 15
Chris Meek Season 14
Christine Papcke Season 14
Chuckie Love Seasons 14 & 15
Claude Miller Seasons 14 & 15
Clinton Lucas Season 14
Cole Whitehead Seasons 14 & 15
Corey Morrison Seasons 14 & 15
Cory Shook Seasons 14 & 15
Courtney Coy Seasons 14 & 15
Craig Gagnon Season 14
Dale Shobe Season 14
Daniel McClain Seasons 14 & 15
Danny Blanks Season 14
Danny Seals Seasons 14 & 15
Darrell Haag Season 14
Dave Sutton Seasons 14 & 15
David Morse Seasons 14 & 15
David Woodall Seasons 14 & 15
Daymon Dennis Seasons 14 & 15
Dennis Posey Seasons 14 & 15
Derek Singleton Seasons 14 & 15
Derrick King Season 14
Devon Harbaugh Seasons 14 & 15
Drew Brown Seasons 14 & 15
Duncan Clemmer Seasons 14 & 15
Dustin Parker Season 14
Eric Snellings Season 14
Eric Zocklein Seasons 14 & 15
Erick Davis Seasons 14 & 15
Frank Modlin Season 14
Gary Stelter Seasons 14 & 15
Gary Wenzel Seasons 14 & 15
Gene Quilter Seasons 14 & 15
Greg Geary Seasons 14 & 15
Hayden Duvall Season 14
Hunter Keeling Seasons 14 & 15
Hunter Tate Seasons 14 & 15
Isidro Herrera Season 14
Jacob Shaw Seasons 14 & 15
Jake Woodall Seasons 14 & 15
James Blackwell Season 14
James Holland Seasons 14 & 15
James Washington Jr. Seasons 14 & 15
Jamie Graham Seasons 14 & 15
Jarrett Register Season 14
Jason Frady Seasons 14 & 15
Jason Jolley Seasons 14 & 15
Jay Corley Season 14
Jay Dotson Season 14
Jeff Reynolds Seasons 14 & 15
Jeff Shepherd Sr. Seasons 14 & 15
Jeremiah Ellis Seasons 14 & 15
Jeremy Wheeler Season 14
Jerry Armstrong Seasons 14 & 15
Jerry Byassee Season 14
Jessica Dover Seasons 14 & 15
John Clemmer Seasons 14 & 15
Jon Richards Season 14
Jonathan Uransky Seasons 14 & 15
Jordan Camba Season 14
Jordan Langworthy Season 14
Josh Brown Season 14
Josh Glover Seasons 14 & 15
Josh Holland Seasons 14 & 15
Josh Lunsford Seasons 14 & 15
Jr Williams Seasons 14 & 15
Justin Brown Season 14
Justin Reul Seasons 14 & 15
Kamryn Belvin Seasons 14 & 15
Kang Cutes Seasons 14 & 15
Keith Blair Seasons 14 & 15
Ken Jones Seasons 14 & 15
Kenneth Jones Seasons 14 & 15
Kenzie Beach Seasons 14 & 15
Kerry Gregory Seasons 14 & 15
Kevin Renegar Seasons 14 & 15
Kyle Anderson Seasons 14 & 15
Kyle Malone Season 14
Kyle Wilson Seasons 14 & 15
Leslie McIver Season 14
Leston Allen Seasons 14 & 15
Mark Smothers Seasons 14 & 15
Matt Guy Seasons 14 & 15
Matt Hall Seasons 14 & 15
Matt Milnwe Season 14
Matt Stout Season 14
Matthew Morton Season 14
Max Easley Seasons 14 & 15
Michael Avery Season 14
Michael Byrd Seasons 14 & 15
Michael Cromer Seasons 14 & 15
Michael Dinges Season 14
Michael Lucas Jr. Seasons 14 & 15
Mike Arrington Sr Seasons 14 & 15
Mike Jacques Seasons 14 & 15
Mike Miles Seasons 14 & 15
Mike Pfaff Season 14
Mike Schaffer Seasons 14 & 15
Mike Villareal Seasons 14 & 15
Nicholas Renevitz Season 14
Nick LaRosa Season 14
Noah Wooten Seasons 14 & 15
Paula Stevens Season 14
Philip Haydon Seasons 14 & 15
Quinn Peterson Season 14
Randall Garrison Season 14
Rex Uhrig Seasons 14 & 15
Richard Stone Seasons 14 & 15
Rj Avery Season 14
Robbie Davis Seasons 14 & 15
Robert Guthary Season 14
Robert Morris Jr Season 14
Ronald Wilson Season 14
Ronnie Hileman Jr. Seasons 14 & 15
Ronnie Hileman Season 14
Rosie Streker Season 14
Russ Funk Seasons 14 & 15
Russel Tabers Seasons 14 & 15
Ryan Smith Season 14
Ryan Windsor Seasons 14 & 15
Samantha Finley Seasons 14 & 15
Sean Short Season 14
Sean Streng Season 14
Shawn Anderson Seasons 14 & 15
Shawn Dugger Season 14
Steve Heath Seasons 14 & 15
Steve Mullis Seasons 14 & 15
Steve Sileo Season 14
Steve Smith Seasons 14 & 15
Steve Wimmer Season 14
Steven Bernacet Seasons 14 & 15
Steven Ochoa Seasons 14 & 15
Tammy Williams Seasons 14 & 15
Tanner Halbert Seasons 14 & 15
Tap Powell Seasons 14 & 15
Ted Cecil Season 14
Ted Wiley Seasons 14 & 15
Terry Dawson Seasons 14 & 15
Terry Mathis Seasons 14 & 15
Terry Tryon Seasons 14 & 15
Thomas Fulton Seasons 14 & 15
Thomas Tuttle Season 14
Tim Miller Seasons 14 & 15
Timothy Pitcher Seasons 14 & 15
Tj Miller Seasons 14 & 15
Toby Smith Season 14
Tom Bobo Season 14
Tom Gorski Seasons 14 & 15
Tony Stevens Seasons 14 & 15
Tracy Gregory Seasons 14 & 15
Trellis Cisco Season 14
Trevor Brooks Season 14
Trey Albright Season 14
Trey Burchfield Seasons 14 & 15
Troy Catlin Seasons 14 & 15
Troy McGee Seasons 14 & 15
Tyler Poythress Season 14
Wade Whitted Season 14
Wallace Justice Season 14
Wayne Corprew Seasons 14 & 15
Wesley Winston Season 14
William Wainscott Seasons 14 & 15
Zach Olevenick Seasons 14 & 15

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American Cornhole Organization News

6 days ago

American Cornhole Organization

Pitching good time at Lucas Oil Stadium PRI show ... See MoreSee Less

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ACO South Bend Major Recap

Guys rule supreme again!

South Bend, IN – Another great ACO Major is in the books, and to nobody’s surprise, it was an awesome time with great competition, fun and friends, in an amazing venue!
The weekend kicked off with the ACO Blind Draw Division and it was up for grabs with many good players in the house. But it was the draw of two Seniors players, Mike Schaffer and Terry Wiseman, who were able to take first place. Mike has been a top ranked ACO-PRO player for several years, but it was a great welcome back for Terry who has only played occasionally over the years. They had to hold off a big-time team in Jeff Reynolds and Nick Davenport in the finals, but solid play got them through. Great shooting, Mike and Terry!

Here’s your top 6 teams in the ACO Blind Draw Division:
1st – Mike Schaffer / Terry Wiseman
2nd – Jeff Reynolds / Nick Davenport
3rd – Alberto Ortega / Tom Walter
4th – Chris Hansen / Steve Mullis
5th tie – Erik Hubbard / Marc Zigrossi
5th tie – Bill Rager / Dustin Butler

In the ACO World Womens Division, there was no shortage of great matches and the final match didn’t disappoint as it showed us a possible future Worlds Championship title match with two top shooters, Brittany Koenig and Jessica Dover. Both players reign from the state of Michigan so there were many bragging rights on the line. It’s always back and forth with great players like this, but Brittany was able to pull through for the Championship title. Congrats, Brittany!

Here’s your top 6 players in the ACO World Womens Division:
1st – Brittany Koenig
2nd – Jessica Dover
3rd – Cuc Majors
4th – Jennifer Caldwell
5th tie – Carol Wosniak
5th tie – Karen English

In ACO World Seniors Division, there were several new faces, but in the end, experience ruled. The finals featured two long-time ACO shooters with Rex Uhrig from Ohio and Allen Wingham from Indiana. In a match like this either player could get the upper hand, but Rex was on fire and seemed to be on a mission. He threw the bags straight down the middle and was able to quickly dispatch of a great player in Allen. Good to see you back on top again, Rex!

Here’s your top 6 players in the ACO World Seniors Division:
1st – Rex Uhrig
2nd – Allen Wingham
3rd – Terry Wiseman
4th – Mark Smothers
5th tie – Gary Wenzel
5th tie – Phillip Barnett

Friday night wrapped up with the ACO Coed Divisions. By that time, drinks were flowing, music was jamming, and fun was being had by all, but there was still serious baggin’ to be done. In the finals, Wille Webb and Jennifer Caldwell had to face a heck of a good team in Kyle Anderson and Brittany Koenig, but Willie and Jen were able to hold steady and secure the Championship. Great job, Willie and Jen!

Here’s your top 6 teams in the ACO Coed Division:
1st – Willie Webb / Jennifer Caldwell
2nd – Brittany Koenig / Kyle Anderson
3rd – Cuc Majors / Terry Dawson
4th – Kathy Holcomb / Mike Harris
5th tie – Carol Wozniak / Dave Wozniak
5th tie – Karen English / Greg English

Action began bright and early Saturday morning as more than 100 players shuffled in to warm up for the ACO World Singles Division. Tensions are always high for pool play as players put it all on the line to advance from their pools and into the Championship bracket. By early afternoon 42 players had earned the right to compete for the title, but it was no surprise who ended up playing in the final match, Bret Guy and Matt Guy. Bret had put his dad in the consolation bracket earlier, but Matt came back with a vengeance, determined to keep his son in line. But after a tough 3 game match, Bret was once again victorious and earned the ACO World Singles title! This was Bret’s first Major Singles title since Monroeville two years ago, and this may be a finals match-up we see again in the near future. Congrats, Bret!
Big shout out to Jeremiah Ellis and Barry Hempy who are both playing lights-out and earned top 5 finishes in the last two Majors.

Here’s your top 6 players in the ACO World Singles Division:
1st – Bret Guy
2nd – Matt Guy
3rd – Barry Hempy
4th – Jeremiah Ellis
5th tie – Mike Schaffer
5th tie– Steven Ochoa

The ACO World Doubles Division got underway on Saturday afternoon and once again hopes were high as teams battled in pools for the coveted Championship bracket spots. 21 tough teams entered the bracket on Saturday evening and the quest ensued.
At the end of the day, Matt and Bret Guy kept their focus dialed in and outlasted Barry Hempy and Tim Anderson for the Championship title. Chalk up another win for the royal family!
Big congrats goes to Barry and Tim for their runner-up finishes in each of the last two Majors.
Way to go, Matt and Bret!

Here’s your top 6 teams in the ACO World Doubles Division:
1st – Matt Guy / Bret Guy
2nd – Barry Hempy / Tim Anderson
3rd – TJ Miller / Dillon Daniels
4th – Russell Tabers / Max Easley
5th tie – Jeremiah Ellis / Justin Cruse
5th tie – Eric Hinerman / Gary Wenzel

Thanks to all the ACO Certified Officials and players who made it another great experience!
The ACO Las Vegas Major is next, on Dec 14th-15th, 2018!
Don’t miss out on the fun, register now!
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2 weeks ago

congrads Matt and Bret ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Is there any brackets?? ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Sharing this post because it clearly shows you acknowledge my payment and acceptance into season 14,yet no card and it still says my membership is expired on the web page. I have made several attempts to get answers from you and now have missed a lot of tournaments due to the confusion very disappointed in your lack of response and would like this resolved or a refund for my membership ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

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ACO South Bend Major - Singles/Doubles Roll Call!
- Find your name on the list below
- If you don't see your name email play@americancornhole.com ASAP

Aaron Kandler
Alberto Ortega
Allen Wingham
Barry Hempy
Bill Rager
Bobby Cross
Bobby Goodman
Brad Krauser
Brandon Rummler
Bret Guy
Brian Jones
Brittany Koenig
Bryson Jacobs
Cameron Cox
Charlie Kase
Chris Hansen
Cody Rodgers
Cuc Majors
Cyndi DeYoung
Dan Newcomb
Daniel Mead
David O'Neal
David Richard
Dennis Elliott
Dillon Daniels
Duane Keltsch
Dustin Butler
Eric Hinerman
Erik Hubbard
Ethan Morgan
Frank Geers
Greg English
Greg Randolph
Hayden Duvall
Hunter Keeling
Jamie Ely
Jeff Jerue
Jeff Reynolds
Jeff Wilson
Jeremiah Ellis
Jimmy Krauser
Joe Joyce
Jordan Tiedt
Josh Aliff
Josh Glover
Justin Cruse
Karen English
Kevin Vaughn
Kyle Anderson
Leslie Hansen
Louis Dugas
Louis Duvall
Marc Zigrossi
Marcus Chalcraft
Mark Smothers
Mark Vogt
Matt Guy
Max Easley
Meagan DeYoung
Michael Harris
Mike Schaffer
Nick Davenport
Peter Bishop
Phillip Barnett
Randy Johnson
Randy Jones
Randy Seibert
Randy Smith
Rex Uhrig
Rich Majors
Rick Smith
Robert Green
Robert Priest
Russell Tabers
Ryan DeYoung
Shawn Preece
Skyler Seibert
Steve Heath
Steve Hubbard
Steve Mullis
Steve Smith
Steven Ochoa
Terry Dawson
Terry Wiseman
Tim Anderson
Tim Graham
Tim Schultz
Tj Miller
Tom Walter
Troy Catlin
Wally Kassler
Willie Webb
Zach Olevenick
... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Old forge New York has a great tournament coming up! ... See MoreSee Less

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