Lifetime Members are ACO players who live and breathe cornhole. But more than that, they’re fanatics that are so amped about the ACO they ink it right on their body.


Meet ACO Lifetime Members #001 – #025


Teresa Gregory

  • Cornhole Player since: 2012
  • ACO Member since: 2012
  • Highest Ranking: 3rd in Women’s, 2017
  • Hometown: Franklin, KY
  • About me: I’m a very sensitive person and wear my heart on my sleeve, even though I come off as a total bitch.
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d:  I inked myself for my son, Austin Brandle, who made ACO Pro status. I put the ACO shield and his nickname on my foot as a dedication to him and our love of the sport.

William Howell

  • Nickname: Boom
  • Cornhole Player since: 2011
  • ACO Member since: 2011
  • ACO Commissioner
  • Highest Player Ranking: #37
  • Hometown: Hemet, CA
  • One thing you never knew about me: I have a superhuman sense of smell!
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: When I commit, there’s no going back. If you are able to say that you are friend of mine, then you understand my loyalty. The ACO bug, to me, represents loyalty.

Max Geers

  • Cornhole Player since: 2005
  • ACO Member since: 2005
  • Highest Player Ranking: Unrankable
  • Hometown: Terrace Park, OH
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’m a country music singer. You can check my music out at
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: I was at ACO Worlds in Vegas and my Dad’s birthday was that weekend. I didn’t want to just buy him a present, I wanted to surprise him with something he’d love. So I worked a plan out with his cornhole family. I’m proud of what he’s been able to do with cornhole and wanted to show how much he means to me.

Aaron Kandler

  • Nickname: Bearded Ninja
  • Cornhole Player since: 2018
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • Highest Player Ranking: #4
  • Hometown: Paw Paw, MI
  • One thing you never knew about me: I was a professional bull rider.
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: When I was at World’s, I was inspired by the camraderie of the players and that’s when I realized ACO meant family.  I believe in ACO and wanted to commit like family would.

Jeff Balstad

  • Cornhole Player since: 2019
  • ACO Member since: 2019
  • Hometown: Gillette, WY
  • Occupation: I work in the oilfield industry as a lease operator.
  • My Best Cornhole Moment: Winning my first co-ed tournament with my wife.
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’m an avid gardener. I also enjoy canning my own vegetables.
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: Go big or go home. After attending my first ACO tournament (North Platte) and meeting everyone there, I’ve been hooked ever since. Everyone was more than happy to answer any questions I had, and they also gave me plenty of tips on getting better. It definitely is a FAMILY!!!! And glad to be part of it!!!

Scott Kirksey

  • Nickname: Blacksmoke
  • Cornhole Player since: 2018
  • ACO Member since: 2019
  • Hometown: Coahoma, Mississippi
  • Occupation: Carpenter at Taylor Made Carpentry
  • My Best Cornhole Moment: Winning my first co-ed tournament with my wife.
  • One thing you never knew about me: I served just less than 11 years active duty in the  U.S. Army. I was a diesel mechanic at Fort Hood, TX with 1/227 Aviation. I deployed 3 times to Iraq.
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: At my first regional (Tennessee) everyone there so friendly and welcomed me with open arms. They treated me just like family (even though I wasn’t very good). Everyone was willing to help me become a better player.  Then at my first major (Owensboro), I witnessed the camaraderie between all the players, and that reminded me of my military family. The ACO is family and accepts everyone as family and I’m glad that I am a part of that family.

David Vaughan

  • Nickname: Diesel Dave
  • Cornhole Player since: 2018
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • ACO Certified Official
  • Hometown: Alligator, Mississippi
  • Occupation:  Engine Shop Department Manager for an irrigation company
  • One thing you never knew about me: Served 9½ years in the U.S. Navy as a Diesel Technician, been working on diesel engines for 40 years (hence the tag name “Diesel Dave”)
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: I never thought that I would get a tattoo; they say that if you get inked, it should mean something to you.  Well, I am very passionate about the sport of cornhole.  Becoming a member of the ACO has given me the desire to pursue something that is very important to me.  This organization, and the players, from day one have accepted me for who I am, (not the best player in the world…lol), but they made me feel like part of a family, and that is the ACO, Family!!  So at 59 years old, those are the reasons why I got my tattoo.  And heck, the perks aren’t bad either.  Living life throwing 30 feet at a time!!!

Margaret Barrett

  • Nickname: #cornholepusher  (because no matter where I go or who I meet, I always end up talking cornhole and recruiting others to play! Especially the women!)
  • Cornhole player since: 2017
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’m an avid snowboarder and although I live in the desert, my favorite place to be is in remote snow covered mountains.
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: The Las Vegas Cornhole community was so gracious and welcoming from the moment I stepped onto their courts. This camaraderie continued when they presented the opportunity to play with the American Cornhole Organization. That experience not only rekindled my fire for competition but put me in the company of even more incredible people. People you can be fiercely competitive with on the court and still have amazing friendships with when the game is over – truly a win-win scenario. Thus, for me the ink is a simple reminder to appreciate those opportunities and people who cross your path, embrace the unknown and step out of your comfort zone – feel that adrenaline rush and even if don’t win in points, you win in life with the ACO family.

Stephanie Provost

  • Cornhole player since: 2014ish
  • ACO Member: 2015
  • Hometown: Vegas Baby!
  • Occupation:  Mom/Wife
  • One thing you don’t know about me: I am a huge New Kids on the Block fan and see them everytime they come in concert (don’t judge me LOL)
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: I love playing cornhole,  I get to be with my favorite people that I consider  my family! Why not represent the best times of my life with the best people with a tattoo?

Cody Rodgers, Sr

  • Nickname: Codis
  • Cornhole player since: 2016
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • Hometown: Mayfield, KY
  • Occupation: Owner, RNSBOARDS
  • One thing you never knew about me: I Like Turtles
  • Why I got ACO Ink’d: I got my tattoo because of my love for the game. Halfway through season 14 I asked Frank if I could use the oval as a tattoo. Then he told me of the lifetime membership. To me this was just a bonus.

Mark Spiegel

  • Nickname: Speegs
  • Cornhole Player since:  2006
  • ACO Member since: September 2007
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • Occupation: Bank Manager
  • One thing you never knew about me: Long before Cornhole was my life, BMX was my life. When I used to race in 1991 I was #1 in New York state for my age & class.
  • Why I got my tat: I remember when ACO first came out to Vegas in early 2008 and I knew back then the ACO had something special going on and it was also right around that time that Las Vegas Cornhole was born. There’s three reasons why I decided to get my tattoo 1. Damon Cochran, Las Vegas’ ACO certified official and commissioner of the mountain west conference before he passed in 2018. He was the driving force for the ACO in Las Vegas and the reason I started competing in ACO. 2. I proposed to my wife at ACO Worlds in 2019. 3. ACO has been like family to me and a big part of my life. Later in on down the road when I look at that tattoo I’m going to think of all the great people I’ve met over the years and the ACO is a big part of that.

Johnny Box

  • Nickname: Box
  • Cornhole Player since:  2018
  • ACO Member since: September 2018
  • Hometown: Amory, MS
  • Occupation: Maintenance
  • One thing you never knew about me: I used to travel all over country playing in pro billiard tournaments.
  • Why I got my tat: Well… why does anyone get a tattoo? Some people mark themselves for life to remind them of past family members or ancient sayings or religious scriptures or names of their current family/love interest. I got mine because of what it stands for “Family” Frank and everyone in the ACO has made me and my family feel like are family from the first event I ever went to. I designed my own tattoo to show who I am on the inside not just what you can see on the outside.

Michael “Fin” Walter

  • Nickname: Fin
  • Cornhole Player since:  Remains to be seen
  • ACO Member since: 2009
  • Hometown: Louisville, Ky
  • Occupation: Loudmouth | Alchemist | Dot Connector | Do-er Of Things | Artist
  • One thing you never knew about me:  I am adopted
  • Why I got my tat: Dedication to the Spirit of the ACO

Tyler Robertson

  • Cornhole Player since:  2018
  • ACO Member since: 2020
  • Hometown: Cleveland, AL
  • Occupation: US Army
  • One thing you never knew about me: Yes, Jaxson Garrison used to be my stepson but he still calls me Daddy.
  • Why I got my tat: For one, I like tattoos, ACO family is awesome, and a bonus – free membership and jersey!

Shawn Preece

  • Cornhole Player since:  2015
  • ACO Member since: September 2017
  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Occupation: Plumbing
  • One thing you never knew about me: I have only had 1 broken bone
  • Why I got my tat: I got my tattoo because this is my first year traveling and throwing the whole season for my first time and making Pro at that! Seeing how the American Cornhole organization, the new people you meet at these tournaments everyone treats another as family. With me helping Frank out a few tournaments really opened my eyes a tattoo is to show I throw in the ACO and I am very proud to be part of the ACO Family

Robin Smith

  • Nickname:  Red
  • Cornhole Player since:  2018
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • Hometown: Benton, KY
  • Occupation: Health Care Receptionist
  • One thing you never knew about me: Well, if you find something, let me know cause I’m an open book
  • Why I got my tat: It symbolizes my love for such a huge extended family ACO has given me.

Dave Provost

  • Nickname: Pooky
  • Cornhole Player since:  2013
  • ACO Member since: 2014
  • Hometown: Lake Arrowhead, CA
  • Occupation: Owner, Tiewire Electric
  • One thing you never knew about me: I was born with 6 fingers on one hand
  • Why I got my tat: To show love and support to the ACO!

Shane Cantrell

  • Nickname: Slo Ryd
  • Cornhole Player since:  2015
  • ACO Member since: 2017
  • Hometown: Shiloh, NC
  • Occupation: Construction
  • One thing you never knew about me: I am a member of the CCIB Motorcycle Club for going on 6 years, I dragged raced Harley’s and am a multiple time champion – that is how I got my nickname “Slo Ryd”
  • Why I got my tat: Because since I started playing with the ACO, I have met and am still meeting some of the best friends/family. It has been part of my life now for 3 seasons and a lot more to go. I love the sport and I felt like a Lifetime Member is where I needed to be!!

Tim Burnett

  • Nickname: TADOW
  • Cornhole Player since: 2018
  • ACO Member since: 2018
  • Hometown: Fresno, CA
  • Occupation: Owner of a pest control company
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’ve been competing in professional archery for 20 years
  • Why I got my tat: I believe in the ACO

Jack Daloian

(coming soon)


Nick Rosenberger

  • Cornhole Player since:  2011
  • ACO Member since: September 2015
  • Hometown: Las Vegas
  • Occupation:Construction Manager
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’m the short one in my family
  • Why I got my tat:I got my tattoo because what the ACO and the Logo stands for. Family, Friends, and Good Times

Jarrett Mull

(coming soon)


Jack Stevens

  • Nickname:  Jack
  • Cornhole Player since: 2014
  • ACO Member since: 2014
  • Hometown: Falls Church, VA (just outside of Washington DC)
  • Occupation: Retired
  • One thing most people don’t know about me:  I was an Industrial Arts Teacher (shop) for 5 years
  • Why did I get an ACO tattoo: I love the ACO and everything it stands for, plus I spend so much of my time working for and playing the ACO; I figured I might as well become a Lifetime Member

Tracey McMichen

  • Nickname: Tracy “Bitchen” McMichen
  • Cornhole Player since:  2005
  • ACO Member since: 2016
  • Hometown: Louisville
  • Occupation: Warehouse, Wife, Mother, Mimi, Babysitter, Housekeeper and finally a Class Act Shopper
  • One thing you never knew about me:  I quit throwing cornhole for 6 years and found my way back to the game
  • Why I got my tat: I got my tattoo because of the love I have for the game and the ACO family

Robert McMichen

  • Nickname: PawPaw
  • Cornhole Player since: 2000
  • ACO Member since: 2005
  • Hometown: Louisville
  • Occupation: Retired
  • One thing you never knew about me: I’m very protective of family and friends
  • Why I got my tat: For the love of the game