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January 2008 – Las Vegas, NV

Matt Guy and Randy Atha. Two men destined to meet in the finals to fight for the crown of King Of Cornhole. Matt Guy seeked to avenge his loss to Randy Atha eighteen months prior; Randy Atha tried to reclaim what he never lost.

In the summer of 2006, Matt Guy was crowned King Of Cornhole. Little did he know two weeks later he would lose the title to Randy Atha.

December 2006. Matt Guy won the ACO Nationals to become National champion. Two months later, the King Of Cornhole became part of the ACO. Because of this victory at the 2006 ACO Nationals, Matt Guy was named reigning King Of Cornhole. Atha’s reign as King was over, but not by defeat.

For Atha, meeting Matt Guy in the King Of Cornhole championship match was a shot at taking back what was rightfully his. Although Matt Guy was the reigning King, Guy never won the crown away from Atha. For Guy, the match was an opportunity to get past his demons from 2006.

Unlike their matches back in 2006, Matt Guy was the one who got out to an early lead. Once he led, he never looked back. There were small windows of opportunity for Atha, but the bags didn’t fall for him.

The victory over Atha solidified Matt Guy as the best player in the world… the King Of Cornhole.

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