Compete Against Players from Around the World

ACO Virtual Cornhole players compete in online tournaments and Frames Games from their home courts to earn an ACO Virtual Rankings and Ratings (R&R)

ACO Virtual Rankings and Ratings (R&R) will be used for future ACO Virtual Invitationals

1Randall GarrisonBig South 10.551951
2Austin SchlobomMid Atlantic10.38802
3Tanner HalbertSouth Atlantic10.3421702
4Austin CameronMid Atlantic10.341702
5Jaxson GarrisonBig South10.2602
6Wayne RauMid West10.117752
7Kyle AndersonMid West10.0522202
8Brandon SparksBig South9.825602
9Josh ThielenNA9.8152
10Maggie GeigerMid West9.7851402
11Russell TabersHeartland9.7851652
12Jerry ArmstrongBig South9.773552
13Craig ErvinMid West9.71502
14Jason TidwellBig South9.543702
15Shawn AndersonBig South9.533152
16Edward VallejoWest Coast9.4912002
17Allen WinghamHeartland9.4891053
18Chris ClarkSouth Atlantic9.467303
19Tj MillerHeartland9.4071803
20Douglas ParkerBig South9.383753
21Mark PotterOld West9.3671253
22DJ PowellMid Atlantic9.338803
23Haseeb HabibanSouth Atlantic9.33153
24Roger CameronMid Atlantic9.3022283
25Austin CondreyMid Atlantic9.25603
26Justin DukeBig South9.25403
27Eric ZockleinHeartland9.2203
28Zechariah PotterOld West9.187453
29Tevin MattoxMid Atlantic9.133153
30Zane WilsonMountain West9.117603
31John TiemeyerOld West9.0621853
32Craig Perry Mid Atlantic9.04753
33Clinton LucasHeartland9.0311353
34Troy KingHeartland9.0221353
35Tommy ClarkHeartland9.02653
36Dylan AufdenbergMid West9.0191533
37TJ SnedikerNorth Atlantic8.9841313
38Johnny BoxBig South8.967303
39Adam ActonOld West8.8821563
40James CumberlandHeartland8.88653
41Taylor KrierOld West8.867453
42Chad JacksonSouth Atlantic8.8071353
43Dawayne BryanSotuh Atlantic8.667453
44Dustin HewkinMid West8.633303
45Robert ThomsonBig South 8.5521003
46Carson KonradeOld West8.533603
47Melissa LoftinMid Atlantic8.529803
48Taylor MustianMid Atlantic8.51353
49Derek WilliamsBig South8.467154
50Steven HunnSouth Atlantic8.467154
51Lynda OglesbyBig South8.4551454
52Sean KellyNA8.45404
53Erik HubbardMountain West8.29954
54Bill ChildsHeartland8.229904
55Kat KennedyMid Atlantic8.2204
56Louie VallejoWest Coast8.1691654
57Aaron KandlerHeartland8.033304
58Cody RogersHeartland7.933304
59William HowellWest Coast7.932454
60Rob ZukoskiHeartland7.9071204
61Shayla PotterOld West7.867304
62Phillip BarnettBig South 7.844454
63Henry ThackerHeartland7.7204
64Tina ArmstrongBig South7.696554
65Charlie JoynerNorth Atlantic7.6071204
66Kamryn BelvinMid Atlantic7.522754
67Chantha LukNorth Atlantic7.487595
68Scott StoffregenNA7.425405
69Patrick SandridgeMountain West7.4205
70Jamie DennisonOld West7.317605
71Alex StathosNorth Atlantic7.3305
72John KeeverNA7.3305
73Jaana HollisBig South7.3405
74Chandler JonesPacific NW7.283455
75Daniel SpencerNA7.2205
76Joel KarnickMid West7.2205
77Billy CollinsMid Atlantic7.15105
78Cole WhiteheadBig South7.1305
79Chad FrithMid Atlantic7.05405
80Spencer GarnerBig South7.022455
81Jammie PhillipsOld West6.985655
82David AbateNorth Atlantic6.978455
83David BiagiMid Atlantic6.976275
84Heather MattoxMid Atlantic6.933155
85Gabe LunaNA6.9205
86Matt GarciaMountain West6.8971105
87Darrell WarrenMid Atlantic6.85205
88Scott MitchellBig South6.833305
89Justin SchultzNA6.825405
90Charles RhodesMid Atlantic6.8405
91Dave ProvostMountain West6.783505
92Carolyn PowellHeartland6.742905
93Lisa SeeleyMountain West6.7171105
94Jason SpencerNA6.65205
95Allyssa PowellMid Atlantic6.65605
96Stephanie ProvostMountian West6.647655
97David VaughnBig South6.467306
98Chase JohnsonOld West6.386906
99Billy TaylorMid Atlantic6.333156
100Ashley CummingsOld West6.311456
101Blake KarnickMid West6.3106
102Troy HenryOld West6.289706
103Nick VidriosOld West6.233306
104Chris ShieldsOld West6.157906
105Timothy SouthwickMountain West5.844456
106Phil SnyderMountain West5.772706
107Trenton MooreOld West5.711456
108Randy CrookMid Atlantic5.7306
109Brandon HunsuckerOld West5.6156
110Nick RosenbergerMountain West5.6306
111Edward RunionSouth Atlantic5.067157
112Micahel SandersOld West4.9207
113Eric RicoOld West4.642507
114Jason ShafferMountian West3.548
115Tasha MooreOld West1.8674510


ACO Virtual Cornhole Tournaments

  • All upcoming ACO Virtual tournaments, rules, divisions, and guidelines will be announced and communicated on the ACO Virtual Cornhole FaceBook page. Check the page every day for upcoming tournaments!
  • Katherine Kennedy, the ACO Virtual Director, will make regular updates.
  • Click here to join the ACO Virtual FaceBook page

ACO Frame Games

  • Player may attempt to increase their APF at any time by completing an ACO Frame Game
  • More details to come soon!


Equipment Requirements:

  • A flat surface at your home or other place big enough for your court (approx. 8ft x 36ft)
  • ACO Approved cornhole boards and bags
  • Tape measure (27ft from front of board to front of board)
  • Camera/phone that can connect to FaceBook live
  • Pen and paper for recording your frame score after each frame

Other Requirements:


ACO Virtual R&R (Rankings and Ratings) is a list of ACO Members who have competed in ACO Virtual Cornhole tournaments and/or ACO Frame Games.

ACO Virtual Rankings and Ratings are based on a player’s average score per frames pitched. A frame consists of pitching 4 bags.

Frame scoring:

  • A bag that passes through the hole = 3pts
  • A bag that comes to a rest on the playing surface = 1pt
  • EXAMPLE: Frame #1, a player pitched 2 bags in the hole and 2 bags remained on the playing surface. The player earns 8 pts for frame #1
  • When a player competes in an ACO Virtual Cornhole tournament or completes an ACO Frame Game, all the frames they pitch are added to their profile and averaged to create their average points per frame (APF). All frames from past tournaments and/or Frame Games are included.
  • Players are listed on the rankings according to their APF.
  • Players also receive a rating based on their APF. Ratings are assigned as follows:
APF Rating Level
10.5 – 12 1
9.5 – 10.49 2
8.5 – 9.49 3
7.5 – 8.49 4
6.5 – 7.49 5
5.5 – 6.49 6
4.5 – 5.49 7
3.5 – 4.49 8
2.5 – 3.49 9
0 – 2.49 10

©2020 American Cornhole


  • Win cash and prizes!
  • ACO Virtual R&R will be used to invite players to future ACO Virtual Invitational tournaments and to seed those tournaments.
  • ACO Virtual Ratings will be used to create different Divisions for future ACO Virtual tournaments and to handicap some Divisions
  • ACO Virtual R&R will be used to qualify for the ACO Virtual Cornhole Division at the ACO World Championships of Cornhole 15 in Columbia, SC! Details to come!

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