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Knoxville Major #7


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Monroeville, PA: November 24-25


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ACO Knoxville Major #7 – Season 13
Jacobs Center
Knoxville, PA

ACO Las Vegas Major #8 – Season 13
Rio ALl-Suite Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

JANUARY 19 – 20, 2018
ACO Owensboro Major #7 – Season 13
Owensboro Convention Center
Owensboro, KY


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Davis Nation makes a statement in Monroeville, PA

| Cornhole Dude | No Comments
Wow what a dominant performance by the Davis family coming up from North Carolina to compete at this weekends Major in Monroeville, PA. Erick Davis: World Singles Major Champion World…

Cornhole community loses a good guy….

| Cornhole Dude, Uncategorized | No Comments
Mike Blate pictured in his store, Slick Woodys Cornhole Company Michael J. Blate, age 53 (1964-2017)of North Canton, passed away Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. He was born in Akron, Ohio…

That’s me and my dad….

| Cornhole Dude | No Comments
This is probably one of my favorite cornhole items. My oldest son, Bailey, had a school artwork project when he was in 4th grade back in the April of 2007.…

My Cornhole Journey

| Cornhole Dude | No Comments
I should have started my cornhole blog some 13 years ago when I entered the world of cornhole from the advertising industry. I came across cornhole by accident while tailgating…

The TACO Episode 87: Stanford Pregame Party – Where There’s a Will There’s a Grace… and Ally

| TACO - Talking ACO | No Comments

The TACO Episode 86: Where In The World’s Will Season 13 Be Going

| TACO - Talking ACO | No Comments

Jamie Graham, Hamlet Native, Wins World Championship of Cornhole

| ACO in the Media (coverage in news) | No Comments
HAMLET -- Very few people can say they have won a world championship; nonetheless, an accomplished 19-year-old Jamie Graham arrived back in his hometown of Hamlet Monday afternoon after claiming…

Poythress will have to wait to be ‘King’

| ACO in the Media (coverage in news) | No Comments
Wilson native named ACO Player of the Year but ties for 7th at ACO’s World Singles Championship OWENSBORO, Ky. — Tyler Poythress will have to wait at least another year…

ACO Knoxville Major Season 13 - Singles Seeded Roll Call
- Find your name on the list below
- Make sure the ACO World Singles Standing by your name is correct
- View the ACO World Singles Standings at
- Email any discrepancies to ASAP

1 Erick Davis
3 Philip Haydon
5 Daymon Dennis
7 Matt Guy
8 Robbie Davis
9 Branden Davis
11 Rex Uhrig
12 Mark Smothers
13 Bret Guy
14 Dennis Posey
15 Jr Williams
17 Tammy Wiliams
24 Drew Brown
25 Josh Holland
27 Jake Woodall
29 Kang Cutes
32 Derek Holland
33 Earl Kent
35 Mike Schaffer
36 Eric Zocklein
38 Kyle Anderson
39 Chris Jones
40 Todd Crosco
41 Charles Kase
43 Keith Blair
47 Chad Mayberry
49 Austin Cameron
52 Kamryn Belvin
58 Ted Wiley
63 Brad Tucker
64 Shanon Lacy
66 Brianna Crosco
68 Cory Shook
69 Roger Cameron III
75 Kat Kennedy
77 Tracy Gregory
84 Jason Jolley
86 James Washington Jr
87 Hunter Yaklin
88 Timothy Pitcher
91 Charlie Fulcher
93 Jamie Fincham
94 Peggy Crosco
95 Shawn Dugger
98 Kerry Gregory
100 Mike Miles
101 Billy Young
102 Teresa Gregory
104 Austin Brandle
105 Hunter Tate
108 Troy McGee
110 Austin Swann
113 Jamie Graham
117 David Woodall
134 Eddie Melvin
135 Kevin Renegar
136 Chad Chesnut
142 Ronnie Hileman Jr
143 Noah Wooten
147 Tiffany Fincham
150 Jarrett Register
151 Frank Geers
155 Sharon Jones
156 Leston Allen
158 Alex Oliver
160 Clint Sutton
162 Stephen Chesnut
167 Jennifer Jolley
168 Troy Houser
169 Karen English
179 Danny Roberts
183 Kevin Thomason
185 Ryan Hunter
192 Rob Guthary
197 Tabby Shortridge
201 Jerry Roberts
205 Austin Mayberry
218 Hunter Keeling
225 Buck Perry
226 Roy Snyder
227 Claude Miller
243 Greg Cole
247 Trevor Brooks
249 Greg English
254 Nick Dobbins
255 Chris Bolton
260 Russell Tabers
271 Jason Shortridge
276 Dustin Parker
277 Jerry Byassee
280 Chris Clark
293 Jenny Hall
306 Jerry Armstrong
306 Lynn Cole
319 Christopher Downing
323 Jeff Collins
333 Coy Brackett
338 Bobby Collins
346 Brooke Hocker
349 Jeff Swann
353 Tanner Halbert
358 Tina Armstrong
368 Katie Matthews
371 Mike Dobbins
386 Tony Cordle
390 Christopher Thomas
406 Taz Steele
415 Frank Nicolini
431 Jeff Cartee
445 Matt Matthews
474 Terry Tryon
504 Tim Hammonds
510 Kimberly Dice
511 Jacob Cutshaw
540 Ashton Speas
558 Buddy Randolph
589 Chad Easterling
596 Jason Frady
603 Brady Breeden
607 Ronnie Jesee
625 Caleb Randolph
648 Lisa Sartin
658 Mark Irwin
760 Susan Finley
769 Alec Ryon
796 David Ryon
853 Kyle Wilson
874 Samantha Finley
985 Matthew Baird
990 Lisa Gannon
N/A Bryce Yaklin
N/A Christopher Hale
N/A Cole Whitehead
N/A Daniel McClain
N/A Darryl Macon
N/A Jim Roe
N/A Jonathan Waggoner
N/A Matt Martin
N/A Ray Jackson
N/A Robert Booker
N/A Ronnie Green
N/A Scott Burridge
N/A Tracy Goodman
N/A Wesley Winston
N/A Jaxson Garrison
N/A Randall Garrison
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ACO Las Vegas Major Season 13 - Singles Seeded Roll Call
- Find your name on the list below
- Make sure the ACO World Singles Standing by your name is correct
- View the ACO World Singles Standings at
- Email any discrepancies to ASAP

Brian Jones 4
Terry Mathis 16
Jeff Shepherd 21
Matt Hall 28
Thomas Fulton 37
Justin Cruse 44
Tony Stevens 45
Steve Mullis 51
Brett Holland 55
Jessica Dover 56
Mike Arrington Sr 62
Ken Jones 67
Chris Cooper 71
Steven Ochoa 76
Jon Richards 85
Ron Stokes 96
Tap Powell 111
Eric Hinerman 115
Blake Demale 126
Eric Daugherty 144
Miguel Villa 152
Matt Ranek 177
Michael Collins 229
William Howell 241
David Christensen 290
William Collins 320
Douglas Rippy 344
Tommy Clark 356
Tom Fasholz 362
Nicholas Renevitz 382
Bob Neitz 442
Jonathan Uransky 507
Lizzy Mathis 560
Dennis Tingle 571
Katie Beason 576
Robert Bentley 670
Pete Cuellar 673
Mark Spiegel 681
Brad Harper 685
Jeff Link 739
Kelly Lyle 745
Jesse Payn 773
Josh Lunsford 828
Christie Baird 897
Steve Allensworth 906
Grant Becwar 1172
Damon Cochran 1231
Robert Fluegge 1304
Erik Hubbard 1390
Chris Linton 1452
Ryan Nelson 1522
Wesley Pare 1551
Scott Phillips NA
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ACO Knoxville Major Season 13 - Singles Roll Call
- Find your name on the list below
- Email any questions or concerns to Kat Kennedy - ASAP

Alec Ryon
Alex Oliver
Ashton Speas
Austin Brandle
Austin Cameron
Austin Mayberry
Austin Swann
Billy Young
Bobby Collins
Brad Tucker
Brady Breeden
Branden Davis
Brianna Crosco
Brooke Hocker
Bryce Yaklin
Buck Perry
Buddy Randolph
Caleb Randolph
Chad Chesnut
Chad Easterling
Chad Mayberry
Charles Kase
Charlie Fulcher
Chris Bolton
Chris Clark
Chris Jones
Christopher Downing
Christopher Hale
Christopher Thomas
Claude Miller
Clint Sutton
Cole Whitehead
Cory Shook
Coy Brackett
Daniel McClain
Danny Roberts
Darryl Macon
David Ryon
David Woodall
Daymon Dennis
Dennis Posey
Drew Brown
Dustin Parker
Earl Kent
Eddie Melvin
Eric Zocklein
Erick Davis
Frank Geers
Frank Nicolini
Greg Cole
Greg English
Hunter Keeling
Hunter Tate
Hunter Yaklin
Jacob Cutshaw
Jake Woodall
James Washington Jr
Jamie Fincham
Jarrett Register
Jason Frady
Jason Jolley
Jason Shortridge
Jeff Cartee
Jeff Collins
Jeff Swann
Jennifer Jolley
Jenny Hall
Jerry Armstrong
Jerry Byassee
Jerry Roberts
Jim Roe
Jonathan Waggoner
Jr Williams
Kamryn Belvin
Kang Cutes
Karen English
Kat Kennedy
Katie Matthews
Keith Blair
Kerry Gregory
Kevin Renegar
Kevin Thomason
Kimberly Dice
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Wilson
Leston Allen
Lisa Gannon
Lisa Sartin
Lynn Cole
Mark Irwin
Mark Smothers
Matt Martin
Matt Matthews
Matthew Baird
Mike Dobbins
Mike Miles
Mike Schaffer
Nick Dobbins
Noah Wooten
Peggy Crosco
Philip Haydon
Ray Jackson
Rex Uhrig
Rob Guthary
Robbie Davis
Robert Booker
Roger Cameron III
Ronnie Green
Ronnie Hileman Jr
Ronnie Jesee
Roy Snyder
Russell Tabers
Ryan Hunter
Scott Burridge
Shanon Lacy
Sharon Jones
Shawn Dugger
Stephen Chesnut
Tabby Shortridge
Tammy Wiliams
Tanner Halbert
Taz Steele
Ted Wiley
Teresa Gregory
Terry Tryon
Tiffany Fincham
Tim Hammonds
Timothy Pitcher
Tina Armstrong
Todd Crosco
Tony Cordle
Tracy Goodman
Tracy Gregory
Troy Houser
Troy McGee
Wesley Winston
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Register before MIDNIGHT tonight for the Las Vegas Major Season XIII - Hinerman, Brian Jones and the West Coast Crew look forward to seeing you there! ... See MoreSee Less

ACO Vegas Major - Season 13

December 15, 2017, 11:00am - December 17, 2017, 1:00am

Las Vegas, NV December 15 & 16, 2017 One of the ACO Masters Series Major Tournaments of ACO Season ...

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Register before MIDNIGHT tonight for the Knoxville Major Season XIII - Kat Kennedy, Labelle and Frank Geers look forward to seeing y’all there! ... See MoreSee Less

ACO Knoxville Major - Season 13

December 15, 2017, 12:00pm - December 16, 2017, 10:00pm

Knoxville, TN December 15 & 16, 2017 One of the ACO Masters Series Major Tournaments of ACO Season ...

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