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– Resides in Hiram, OH
– Currently #6 in the World Singles Rankings



  1. What region of the country do you play in?  North East Ohio
  2. Do you like to step or stand when pitching? Stand / Right Handed
  3. Who is your favorite player besides yourself or your partner you like to watch play cornhole or follow in the ACO system? Not really. There are a lot of great people and players out there. Can’t think of anyone I specifically follow.
  4. What is your favorite beverage while playing? Gatorade
  5. Do you have a routine you like to follow before going into a big match? Yes. Likes to stay warmed up by playing in some blind draws. Likes to get a good night sleep before the big events.
  6. Do you practice? If so how often? How do you practice? Where? Yes. I generally am practicing in the winter in a maintenance building my family owns, in the summer I practice outdoors while on the road for work. In winter I like to practice every day for an hour. If there is a big event coming up like an ACO Major I like to practice two to three hours a day during the week or two leading up to that event.
  7. If you could give one tip or advice to another player or novice to the game what would it be? Put the bag in the hole. Simple game, just focus on the hole.
  8. You had a big match at this past Worlds in Charleston, WV – what was your key to winning that match besides scoring more points than the other person? Was there a shot you remember in the match that was maybe a key turning point for you? Thing I remember the most while we were warming up at the Worlds for the Championship match for King of Cornhole was this. I’m friends with Adam Hissner who was my competition in the finals. We are both from North East Ohio and are often competing against each other in tournaments in that area of the country.  Well, while I was warming up along-side him for the main event, as I finished I walked over to Adam and said “Win or Lose I hope we put on a good show.” Adam quickly turned and responded, “The heck with that I’m going to kick your ass.” I just kind of smiled and walked away. This was the little bit of extra fuel I think that inspired me to focus that much harder on winning. I became so focused on winning the match that I really don’t remember any specific shots. Although there was one big moment in game two I do remember.  The score was 18 to 17, I was up. I had already won game one and was trying to finish him off in game two. I remember making the choice to try an airmail, instead of playing the safe shot. Had I decided to play it safe I would have boarded it an only given up two points to make it 19 to 18 favor of Adam, but still very much in the game.  Instead I gambled on an airmail shot to try dragging a couple of my bags in hopes of pushing on the frame. I missed the shot and gave up 5 points, Game Over! Now we are headed into game three and all the momentum has shifted to Adam.  If I had to do it again I would definitely play it smart and lay it up.
  9. Has it changed your life as a cornhole player? Yes definitely has, every tournament I go to people give me respect now as a professional cornhole player that I feel was lacking before my big  victory. For example I was up in Detroit at a Pistons Cornhole tournament at the Palace in January 2015. I guy Michigan I didn’t know was talking about how the King was in the house and posting it on his facebook page. It was kind of cool for me.
  10. Do you feel you’re now sporting a bulls eye on your back? Yes. I’ve noticed that my
  11. Do you have a theme song you like to use in the big events? Carry On by Manowar
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