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– Resides in Ayden,  North Carolina
– Currently ranked #1 in ACO Juniors division and #40 in the World Singles


  1. What region of the country do you play in? Eastern North Carolina
  2. Do you like to step or stand when pitching? Stand / Right Handed
  3. Who is your favorite player besides yourself or your partner you like to watch play cornhole or follow in the ACO system? I really like to follow two players. My favorite players are Stacia Pugh and Teresa Forsee.
  4. What is your favorite beverage while playing? I don’t normally drink anything while playing.
  5. Do you have a routine you like to follow before going into a big match? Yes. I usually go talk to Frank Modlin, Matt Young and Derek Fateiger. They are all players from my area and I use them to get me pumped up before a big match.
  6. What is your favorite quote or inspirational thought? “Take it one bag at a time”
  7. Do you practice? If so how often? How do you practice? Where? Yes. I try practice every day and I usually practice in my backyard with my three brothers and father who all play cornhole as well. I’ll practice in all temperatures usually but will not practice if it is snowing or raining. I find myself practicing a couple hours a day and on weekends sometimes as much as five to six if I’m not playing in a tournament somewhere around the country.
  8. If you could give one tip or advice to another player or novice to the game what would it be? Just have fun.
  9. You’ve had a lot of big matches recently on all levels of ACO Cornhole but what about the Juniors? Do you have any matches that you really remember at one of your Major victories in Season X? Was there a shot you remember in the match that was maybe a key turning point for you? Monroeville, PA played against Matthew Stout from Virginia. First game I struggled and lost but during the second game I started focusing more than ever. It was weird because I actually found myself starting to talk to myself more than I’d ever done before. I don’t have a specific shot I remember from the match but I do recall it was absolutely the most pressure put on me in any of my previous Junior Majors. I was pumped to have pulled the match out. Matthew Stout is a really good pitcher.
  10. How has it changed your life as a cornhole player? It is cool because people often recognize me when I come into tournaments now. It’s sort of a good feeling coming into a big tournament like an ACO Major with over 200 players and people now your name. I like it.
  11. Do you feel you’re now sporting a bulls eye on your back? I do feel a little target is on me now. People seem to step up their game when playing me more now than before. But I live for good competition.
  12. Who’s your nemesis? Ken Allen. He beat me up at the Players Championships pretty good and I believe I had him down 17 to 2 at the West Virginia Major in September 2014 only to have him come back and win. So at this time he kind of has my number. I know I can beat him but for whatever reason I’ve let him crawl in my head for the time being.
  13. Who’s your biggest rival? I really feel it’s myself.
  14. Who’s a player or team that you would love to play and beat? I’d love to beat Adam Hissner in a match. He’s a great player and taking him out would be very satisfying.
  15. Which match that you lost are you looking forward to avenging?  Ken Allen. As I stated before he beat me pretty good in both the Players Championships and the West Virginia Major in 2014. I’d love to get one of those back at the Worlds X in Knoxville, TN.
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