The best players in the World.

The biggest Cornhole Party. July 20-25



ACO Worlds Divisions are open to ACO Pros and any player that qualifies by participating in a minimum number of ACO Majors or other tournaments during the season leading up to Worlds.

ACO Players who qualify must purchase their Golden Ticket to compete at Worlds.

ACO Competitive Divisions include: World Singles & Doubles, Women’s Singles, World Seniors, World Juniors, and CoEd Doubles


Mon, July 20 – Sat, July 25, 2020
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
Downtown Columbia, SC

Saturday, July 25 Final Championship Night
The Senate, Columbia, SC

ACO Worlds is a five-day event for players, spectators and the whole family, including fun Game Challenges, vendors, player meet & greets and more! It’s always free for spectators.


Watch Online

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Spectator’s Zone

Here are the games you can watch.

These are ACO World Divisions for Members holding a Golden Ticket, and include man ACO Pro players (the top 80 in the world)

  • World Singles
  • World Doubles
  • Women’s
  • Seniors
  • Juniors
  • CoEd Doubles
  • Slyder Cup
  • Certified Official Shootout

Wanna to throw bags too?

These are the games you can play at Worlds, with no qualifying needed. Most of these pay-to-play events have registration available the same day, but do have maximum entry limits.

  • Big Blind Draw (Open Division)
  • Luck of the Draw matches
  • World Game Challenge
  • Open Courts (pick-up games)

Main Event Location

World Championship Night (Saturday)

The Senate
Downtown Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC


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Worlds Schedule of Events

All start times may be adjusted up to one-half hour due to tournament play times.

MONDAY, JULY 20: Welcome to Worlds Bash and Tailgator World Championships opening night

7:00 AM
8:00 AM------ Doors Open ------------ Doors Open ------
9:00 AM------ Doors Open ------- ACO World Singles RPI- ACO World Doubles RPI
10:00 AM- Open Tournament - Format TBA
11:00 AM- Tailgator Zone Doors Open
12:00 PM- Tailgator Doubles - Round #1- Tailgator Doubles - Round #3- ACO World Singles Championship Bracket
- Tailgator Doubles - Round #5
- ACO World Doubles Championship Bracket
- Tailgator Doubles - Round #7
- ACO World Championship Day
1:00 PM
2:00 PM- ACO Slyder Cup - Format TBA- Open Tournament - Format TBA- Open Tournament - Format TBA
3:00 PM
4:00 PM- Main Zone Doors Open
- Tailgator Doubles - Round #2
- Tailgator Doubles - Round #4- Tailgator Doubles - Round #6- ACO World Coed
- Tailgator Doubles - Round #8
5:00 PM- Player of the Season Playoffs- ACO World Womens, Seniors, and Juniors
6:00 PM- ACO Big Blind Draw, World Championship Division
7:00 PM- ACO Big Blind Draw, Open Division
8:00 PM- ACO Certified Official Shootout

Games played at Worlds

Blind Draws: Open to the public. All entrants are paired up at random with another player to be their Doubles partner. These occur throughout the World Championships. Ask at the registration tent.

Big Blind Draw: This is the main Big Blind Draw event at Worlds. Two divisions are played: Open Division, which is open to the public, and World Championship Division, which is only open to ACO players ranked 1-128 in the Big Blind Draw Standings.

ACO Slyder Cup: A tournament based on teams of 5 players. Two divisions are played: World Draft Division, which is based on World Singles Standings for eligibility, and World Conference Division, which is based on World Conference Standings for eligibility.

ACO Certified Official Shootout: This is a chance for all of the ACO Certified Officials (CO’s) to find out who is best! Open only to ACO CO’s.

ACO Coed Doubles: A doubles division consisting of one male and one female player per team.

ACO World Singles: The ACO division which crowns the King of Cornhole at the World Championship night.

ACO Womens: The ACO division to crown the top womens player in the world.

ACO Seniors: The ACO division to crown the top seniors player in the world.

ACO Juniors: The ACO division to crown the top juniors player in the world.

ACO Player of the Season Playoff: The Player of the Season is the Singles player with the top ranked standing at the end of the season. In the event that two or more players are tied in standings at the end of the ACO season, a playoff match is held to find the Player of the Season.

Tournament Talk

Single Elimination: The winner can move on in the tournament. The loser is finished.

Double Elimination: Same as above, but the loser gets another chance by moving into the Loser’s Bracket. Most games at Worlds are Double Elimination.

Best of 2 of 3: Players play 3 matches, and whoever wins two of the games is the winner.

Pool Play Bracket: A tournament format that breaks up competitors into smaller round robin brackets. The top finishers of each bracket advance to a Final to determine final standings. This is ideal when there are many players in a tournament.

Mini Pool Play Brackets: Small pool play brackets that are used to advance top finishers to the Champion Bracket, or advance next finishers to the Tier Pool Play Brackets. An example of this is the RPI (Ranked Players Invitational).

Tier Pool Play Brackets: These brackets are used to find the final two players who will advance to the Tier Championship.

RPI (Ranked Players Invitational): A mini pool play bracket to advance Singles players to either the Singles Championship Bracket, or the Singles Tier (2-4) Championship Brackets.


ACO World Singles Championships

Top four (4) players World Singles:

  1. Matt Guy
  2. Erick Davis
  3. Tanner Halbert
  4. Kaleb Hurt

ACO World Doubles Championships

Top four (4) teams in World Doubles:

  1. Hurt & Hurt
  2. Ochoa & Webb
  3. Harrison & Miller
  4. Cameron & Cameron III

Top four (4) teams in World Coed Doubles:

  1. Halbert & Kennedy
  2. Davis & Renegar
  3. Armstrong & Armstrong
  4. Blair & McMichen

Slyder Cup – World Draft

Top four (4) teams

  1. K Blair, M Guy, B Guy, E Zocklein, T Halbert
  2. B Lynn, M West, B Kimbrell, R Guthary, J Tyson
  3. J Garrison, R Garrison, D Parker, J Armstrong, J Glover
  4. E Davis, A Cameron, K Hurt, J Fincham, A Schlobohm

Crew Cup Challenge

Top four (4) teams

  1. P Sandridge, R Cameron III, J Swafford, A Cameron
  2. K Hubbard, S Smith, J Dennison, K Blair
  3. A Brown, R Seibert, J Glover, A Renegar
  4. T Armstrong, D Keltsch, C Austin, K Renegar

ACO World Juniors Championship

Top four (4) players:

  1. Austin Cameron
  2. Erick Davis
  3. Dylan Aufdenberg
  4. Jackson Gore

ACO World Womens Championship

Top four (4) players

  1. Paula Stevens
  2. Karen English
  3. Alexis Hammett
  4. Tammy Williams

ACO World Seniors Championship

Top four (4) players

  1. Allen Wingham
  2. Terry Dawson
  3. Steve Heath
  4. Mickey Pope